Fashion trends for fall 2005

Fashion trends for fall 2005

The overall fashion theme for fall 2005 is an air of drama. Black is back, coats are dramatic, and smart tailoring is going to be huge.

Black is back in a big way, well for most of us it never really went away. The stores will be filled with luscious eveningwear, particularly black lace, that is sexier than ever, whether girly, retro 80s, bohemian or red carpet chic. This also works well with the next big trend which is Victorian. Long skirts, ruffled blouses with a high neck and puffed sleeves are the main features of this look. You can go prim or sexy. Accessorize with boots, hats and gloves for a total look.

The dresses are soft and feminine for Fall 2005. Velvet in sumptuous fall colors or jewel, while bohemian-inspired graphic prints will also be available for those of you who loved your hippy chic look this summer and don’t want to give it up just yet. . .

Coats for this winter will be big and flashy with big collars, possibly faux fur. The big story though will be the houndstooth checks, the bigger and bolder the better.

In fact, checks are popular on all types of clothing this fall, including plaids and tartans appearing on everything from pants and skirts to bags, shoes, and hats.

Tailoring is back as one of the strongest features of fall 2005, in particular the pencil skirt that appears as part of a skirt suit. Skirts of all kinds are in for fall, straight, wide and swirly, and for slimmer figures only the ‘bubble’, a tulip-shaped skirt that will exaggerate the hips, so wear with caution!

National costumes have inspired many highly decorated ethnic styles, particularly Russian styles, full of embroidery and textures and topped with a Russian-style furry cap, warm enough for the depths of Moscow winter. Peru has also been a source of inspiration for embroidered garments and bright fabrics.

There are many beautiful accessories in this season to complete your outfit. Knee-high boots, ideally with lace-up details to match Victorian and ethnic styles, and platforms are making a comeback, usually with a narrow heel. If you prefer flats, there will be many styles of ballerinas. Metallics on shoes, bags and belts will also be popular. For daytime, bags can be as big as you like, whether they’re baggy hobo styles or classic boxy types. For the evening, the bags should be tiny and decorated with tassels, jewels or embroidery.

The highlight of the season will be pom poms on everything from scarves to shoes, and the hottest color for accessories will be purple, preferably studded.

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