Fashionable Women’s Clothing In Plus Sizes: Where To Find Fabulous Styles For A Fuller Figure

Fashionable Women’s Clothing In Plus Sizes: Where To Find Fabulous Styles For A Fuller Figure

There is nothing wrong with being a plus size woman. More and more women in the United States are slightly larger than the average woman. So why is it so hard to find fashionable clothes? Just because our size is larger than most women in magazines, doesn’t mean we don’t want to look fashionable.

Why can’t a plus size woman dress sexy and fashionable too? We are as beautiful as the next girl and we want to feel that way. How many times have you seen a coworker in cute, trendy clothes and you think I can wear that outfit? Only to find out that the plus size section at most department stores is very limited on fashion clothes.

Well, in this article you will find, not only department stores, but also websites that sell just what you are looking for: fashion clothes in plus sizes.

• Lane Bryant is a women’s clothing retailer in the United States. Lane Bryant focuses on selling plus size fashion clothing and accessories. You can find fashionable clothes from dresses to underwear. The best thing about this fashion store is that its employees know about plus size body types. They can even help you find the perfect-fitting bra. Women can find a store near them or shop online.

• Avenue is another fashion clothing store for plus size women. You can find clothes from sizes 14 to 32. Avenue not only sells clothes but also has a wide variety of fashion jewelry. Women can find a store in town and/or shop in Avenue’s online catalog.

• Alight is an online store unless you live on or near Long Island, New York. Alight online web store ships internationally. The great thing about their website is that you can shop by category (shirts, pants, accessories, etc.), brand (ABA Activewear, Clubz, Envyme… etc.), or by size (12-34).

Whether you are going to a store or shopping online, it is very important to look for the plus size fashion clothes that suit your body type.

Here’s a guide to the four plus-size body types:

1. The Rectangular Plus Size Body- Women with this body type are the same size in both the upper torso and bottom. The curves are not noticeable.

2. The Plus Size Hourglass Body: Women are curvaceous and balanced. Curves in all the right places.

3. The Pear-Shaped Plus-Size Body: Women with this body type are heavier on the bottom than on the top. The waist line is usually smaller and more defined.

4. The Apple Shaped Body: This plus size body type is weighted around the middle and the bust lines as well as the waist line are larger.

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