Felix Neureuther with incendiary speech: “It’s about the children, not about holidays in Mallorca”

Ex-ski star Felix Neureuther railed in an interview with the ARD sports show against the current restrictions in Germany, which prohibit children from exercising.

10:32 p.m., March 21, 2021

Felix Neureuther © GEPA pictures

That Felix Neureuther is a man of clear words, he has impressively proven in his impressive skiing career. But even after his career, he does not hold back if a topic pisses him off.

The current restrictions that prevent children from doing sports due to the corona pandemic do not leave Germans indifferent. “When the children sit together in the classroom, I don’t understand why they can’t play outside or do sports – at least in small groups. Somehow I have to create a regulation so that the children can do that,” Neureuther said in the ARD sports show.

Above all, the fact that in return it is allowed to fly to Mallorca does not leave the father of two indifferent. “We can now fly to Mallorca, but not outside to do sports in our home country! Where are we? So honestly, because this vacation is so important? Don’t be angry with me!” “It’s nice at home and we can just as easily stay at home. But it’s about the children and not about whether someone can go on holiday to Mallorca now.”

You can watch the entire video here:

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