Ferrari prosecco overshadows champagne in Formula 1

Formula 1 fans still have to wait a few days before the championship resumes, scheduled for the end of March in Bahrain. Who will be the first winner of the 2021 season?

Whoever he is, he will no longer be able to sand the champagne on the podium: from now on, he will receive a bottle of prosecco to celebrate his victory. And, what’s more, a bottle of Ferrari, the aptly named.

Champagne has been intimately associated with motorsport for almost a century.

Moët & Chandon

From the 1930s, Moët & Chandon has been the official champagne of many competitions. It will also be the official champagne of Formula 1, from the 1960s to 1997, regaining the podiums last season in place of Champagne Carbon, which itself had succeeded Mumm Cordon Rouge.

In a world where everything is currency, this is not the first brand of champagne to come to have the honor of being brandished on the F1 podium. You have to pay an entry ticket commensurate with the global audience at the time, closing the broadcast of the Grand Prix.

These next three seasons, it is therefore a prosecco that will take over. “Ferrari Trento’s award-winning sparkling wine named official Formula 1 celebratory drink“, announced the two partners in early March.

What in any case allow Ferrari to be with certainty on the podium at the end of each Grand Prix, even if the wine produced in Trentino has absolutely no connection with the Scuderia.

Their only common point is that they were founded by a Ferrari, Enzo in the 1940s for the car and Giulio in 1902 for the wine.

Ferrari is the largest traditional winery in Italy and symbolizes the Italian art of living “, explains the wine producer on his site.

Ferrero, Ferreri

Ferrari brut was in any case consecrated as the best Italian sparkling wine last December.

With us, it’s a big unknown: if you type Ferrari on the Coltuyt site, he will offer you Ferrero the fabulous pralines, as an alternative. At Delhaize, this time it will be a Corton Grand Cru Ferreri (109 euros, just in case). You will have better luck at Carrefour and Cora: a Ferrari product will look good, but it is Grana panado parmesan by… Giovanni Ferrari.PD-D.

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