FitFlops sandals: features and benefits

The FitFlops are the most popular sandals in the world in terms of design and innovative features. The reason they are so attractive is that they are good for the body. There are several different types of walking sandals on the market. So many options of different styles and colors. But most of these are horrible not just for the feet, but for the entire body. Most sandals make you walk differently than nature intended. But “The FitFlop” sandal is actually a better option for those who want to be more health conscious, including weight loss and muscle toning. FitFlops have many features and benefits and this article will detail these sandals and all the reasons to try them.

The development of FitFlop stems from research conducted by Dr. David Cook and Darren James at LSBU’s Center for Human Performance. They were tasked with developing flip flops that would increase the performance of the lower leg muscles. They assumed that the answer lay in the only construction. So they developed a sandal with different sole densities, creating an unstable base with a patent-pending technology called microwobbleboard. The thing about this technology is that as the foot moves through the gait cycle, the lower leg muscles are used more to regain stability.

The benefit of this instability and increased muscle engagement is that it helps tone and trim your legs. FitFlops are also designed to absorb shock, helping to relieve joint stress. Other benefits of these sandals include burning more calories, toning the thighs, reducing cellulite, and promoting better posture.

Another benefit of FitFlops is its efficiency. If you don’t have time to go to the gym to shed those extra pounds or to tone your legs, you can put on a pair of these flip flops. It works while you walk, so you are killing two birds with one stone. Every step you take on the FitFlop improves muscle strength, absorbs shock to your feet and knees, and burns more calories than walking alone.

As you can see, FitFlops have many features and benefits for the whole body. I didn’t mention that the best feature is its price. I’ve seen them online for as little as forty bucks. Compared to other types of sports shoes or sandals, this is a very inexpensive investment. You can buy them at local retailers like Macy’s, or you can find them online at various websites.

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