“French racism at its peak”, “offensive”: the front page of Charlie Hebdo on Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle divides

Decidedly, the shocking interview of Harry and Meghan has not finished fueling the debates. If the British media have commented extensively on the exclusive interview given by the royal couple to Oprah Winfrey – sometimes in a very virulent way, the reactions of the French-language newspapers have not been missed either.

In its edition of March 10, the French weekly Charlie Hebdo gave its “front page” to the interview with Prince Harry and his wife. On a pink background, we can see Queen Elizabeth, bloodshot eyes, choking Meghan Markle with her knee resting on the back of the ex-actress. To the question “Why Meghan left Buckingham”, Meghan then answers “Because I could not breathe”.

A staging that obviously evokes the dramatic story of George Floyd, this African-American choked to death by a police officer in Minneapolis last May.

“Bad at all levels”

The drawing of the satirical newspaper quickly aroused indignation across the Channel as well as on social networks. ” French racism at its peak“, comments the collective Black and Asian Lawyers For Justice on Twitter , while calling the cover “outrageous” and “disgusting”.

It’s bad at all levels “, Judge for his part Dr Halima Begum, head of a British anti-racist think tank. ” The Queen depicted as the murderer of George Floyd, crushing Meghan’s neck? Meghan saying she is unable to breathe? It doesn’t make anyone laugh or challenge racism“, she still laments. “It minimizes the problem and it is offensive”, she concludes in her post on Twitter.

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