Fun things to do in Austin, Texas that will get you out of town

Whenever you come across a large metropolitan city, the area around it is generally clustered. This is certainly the case with Austin, Texas, which is why if you’re curious about the fun things to do in Austin, Texas, you may very well be engaging in activities outside of the Austin City limits (see what we did there. .. LOL).

If you live in or near Austin, you are living in a golden age because there is an almost gluttonous amount of really fun things to do in this part of Central Texas. Additionally, Austin has been growing as more people have heard about its coolness, which means more people are starting to explore the smaller cities that are located on the outskirts.

If you’re trying to squeeze every last detail out of the fun of Austin, Texas, it’s time to embrace the lifestyle on a short trip and enjoy these amazing excursions:

Lockhart is the country of barbecues – Franklin Barbecue has given Austinites a big head when it comes to who’s the king of the grill, but a short drive to Lockhart will have grill lovers bowing. If you’re up for a fun challenge, gather some friends and have a bite to eat at Smitty’s, Kruez, and Black’s one after another. It may hurt on the way home, but it will be the best injury of your life.

San Antonio and how Texas became a state – Perhaps the greatest battle cry of all time (“Remember the Alamo!”) Was born out of tragedy on this mission in the heart of Texas. The Alamo is such an important part of the city of San Antonio that you can get lost in the bustle of the city. You’ve seen it many times on school trips, but it really comes to life as an adult.

It is hot here – Did you know that summers in Texas are hot? Well, did you also know that complaining about them is useless? With summer comes the swimming season in the Lone Star State. Try your luck at stylish water parks like the Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, or spend a day visiting some wells for a swim.

Flex your artistic muscle – Austin is an epicenter for the artist and art in general, but there are several people who say that it is a bit exhausted. Beat the “I-can’t-find-no-art” blues by traveling to Wimberley, TX. You will find art for art’s sake that is neither pretentious nor elitist.

Something really cool “Hootch” – Driving to Dripping Springs, TX will leave you a bit confused as they are considered the “Gateway to the Hill Country”, a claim that almost every small town in Austin makes. With that said, Dripping Springs has been making some buzz in the beer, wine, and spirits market, leading many experts to believe that this city is on its way to a boom in the near future.

Finding fun things to do in Austin, Texas is actually pretty simple, as long as you are prepared for anything. You may find that leaving your little bubble will open your eyes a bit and allow you to see a side of Texas that was right under your nose.

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