GTA San Andreas Fair Trade Mission

In the game, there is a character whose name is Big Smoke. Give a challenge whose name is Just Business. And this is the subject of our article. I’m Denise Watson and I’m going to walk you through it.

You can play it from a place called Inglewood. This is where Big Smoke lives in San Andreas. He will give you a task to eliminate the gangsters. To start Just Business, walk to a red marker in front of Smoke’s house. It will activate the mission and also a cutscene. In the cut scene, you will see Carl Johnson entering Smoke’s house and calling out to him.

Carl yells at him many times but gets no response. After a few minutes, Smoke comes in and wants him and asks about his well-being. Later he decides to visit a place called Centro. And this ends the short cutscene and you’re in the game.

Take it downtown and its location is on the map. There will be a car that you will have to drive along with it. During his trip, he talks about various gang-related activities. He informs you how the Grove Street families are back in power and the Dallas gang is losing their grip in GTA San Andreas. Talk about some Russian mafias in the city of San Andreas.

If you reach the destination, stop the car at a red marker and start a small cut scene scene. Smoke informs you that some Russian mafias have kidnapped his cousin. Therefore, you have come to rescue him. He wants you to help him and this is the goal of the GTA San Andreas Just Business mission.

After this, he asks you if you hear any sound, enter the building to fight the enemy, that is, the Russian. A few seconds later, you can hear loud sounds outside. This is the time to enter. Enter the building along with some weapons.

Inside, the enemies have surrounded you and have also taken cover. So, take cover and start killing them one by one.

When you kill everyone, collect money and also their leftover weapons. This will give you some extra cash in GTA San Andreas. Then follow Smoke and he takes you outside to escape on a bike.

The remaining enemies follow you and you have to drive the bike. Your partner will shoot them. And when your partner has killed them all, you will complete the Just Business challenge.

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