Hair Accessories for Girls: Which Clip Works Best?

There are a million different types of girls hair accessories on the market and it’s hard to know which one will work best for your little girl, not to mention, unless you make them yourself, who really knows what the difference is between the different clips: crocodile, french barrette, snap clips, huh? Well, depending on what you want to do with them, there are definitely some that will work better than others for what you need, so it is a good idea to get an idea of ​​what each type of hair accessory is for so that you can make the best one. choice.

The most widely used hair accessory for girls is the crocodile clip. The reason it’s called a crocodile clip is because it looks like a crocodile’s mouth. Press one end and it opens. They are generally made of metal and come in a variety of sizes, typically 1-1 / 4 “to 2”. They are very easy to install, so they are not a problem for moms. Many are made with ‘no-slip grips’ so they won’t fall off even fine hair and are harder for your little one to pull out. You can get these clips in a simple and elegant style, made with ribbon only, or in elegant ruffles with bows. They work on all hair types and are great for keeping hair out of your little girl’s face, especially if she’s growing out bangs!

Another type of clip is called a snap clip. This basically falls into place. You will find that many baby and girls hair accessories are made with the snap. I find these to be more difficult to insert because they don’t open as wide as alligator clips, but they are perfect for babies with just peach fuzz or less than 1 inch of hair. You can certainly get them in larger sizes (usually ranging from 1 “to 4”) for older kids as well, but they have never been my favorite type of clip for anything other than accessories. However, there are many that are super cute with bows and things, but are actually meant more to add to a cute hairstyle than to hold hair back.

The next popular type of hair accessory for girls is the barrette, sometimes called a French barrette. These are especially good for older girls with more hair. Barrettes are different from alligator clips because they lock at both ends and actually come together. This holds a secure section of hair, even up to the amount of a ponytail. They also come in a variety of sizes. They are ideal for thick hair and to hold a more defined section of hair.

Another type of clip is the jaw clip. These come in a wide variety of sizes, from tiny ‘mini’ jaw clips that can go even on a toddler’s hair to large clips that moms can wear instead of wearing a pony. These are great for taking entire sections of hair and keeping it out of the way or simply trimming it on both or both sides. Little minis are great even for moms who simply pull back a narrow section on each side for a modern, casual look.

Beyond the clips and barrettes, of course, are the headbands and elastics. Surely you already know what they are! One thing you may not know is that headbands are also great for those little babies with barely any hair if you don’t want to go the clip-on route. You can get cloth or crocheted headbands with pretty flowers that wrap around the head from front to back instead of the usual way. You may want to try this especially if you are tired of hearing “what a cute boy you have” over and over again! We have come a long way since my mother stuck a bow on my bald head, not a pretty bow, of course, but one of those you use for gifts!

For older girls, the headbands should go across the top of the head, of course, and end at the ears if it’s hard plastic, or wrap around the head if it’s fabric. This is probably the easiest route for the older girl trying to grow her bangs out!

So there you have it. Now you are ready to go shopping for the perfect girl hair accessories! Have fun!

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