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David Hasselhoff und Henry Hübchen (r.) Die Verwendung des sendungsbezogenen Materials ist nur mit dem Hinweis und Verlinkung auf TVNOW gestattet.

© TVNOW/Jonas Mohr/Marcus Höhn

Cologne – US singer David Hasselhoff will soon be in front of the camera in Germany for an agent series. He plays himself. The “Baywatch” star (68) appears in “Ze Network” on the side of Henry Hübchen (74, “Polizeiruf 110”), shared the RTL streaming platform TVnow on Monday in Cologne. “In the eventful story, the two actors in Germany plunge into the center of an international conspiracy by former Cold War assassins,” announced TVnow at. With the black humor material, “the question arises again and again: what is actually real and what is not?” The start of shooting in Germany is expected to be in the summer.

“” Knight Rider “was incredibly successful for both me and RTL”, Hasselhoff is quoted in the message. “Coming back now 30 years later to do a cutting-edge series (…) is a dream come true.”

What is the thriller about? The series Hasselhoff struggles with himself and after all these years finally wants to shine in public again. The offer of a theater from Germany comes in handy for him – and then from East Berlin too. But when the supposed scene theater turns out to be a contemplative stage very far east of Berlin, the old star doubts. Then he also gets caught up in an international agent conspiracy. (dpa)

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