High PageRank sites to get backlinks

Here is a collection of 25 high page rank websites where you can post your content, create your profiles and drop your site url without any reciprocal link from your site. Once you create these high page rank backlinks, they will be a source of web traffic to your site for years to come. So here is the list.


Write articles or videos on how to do it. Post your link on your profile. It is also a good source of information if you want to know how to do something.

2. WikiHow.com

Same as eHow, but you can edit existing wiki pages or create your own. Smartly put your link in the “Sources and citations” section

3. 43Things.com

You have to register to participate. Post your own goals or respond to the posted “to-do” list. From time to time, insert your own link as a resource.

4. Squidoo.com

This is one of my favorites. Build your lenses and you can add links to your site, embed your YouTube videos and photos from flickr.

5. AssociatedContent.com

You can add your link on your profile. It is not one of my favorites.

6. HubPages.com

Another site like Squidoo and AssociatedContent. You can link to your sites in the content you create here.

7. Digg.com

The most popular news ranking site. If you have good blog posts, you can post them here. If your article goes to the home page, it will attract thousands of high page rank backlinks and tens of thousands of visitors in a short period. Be prepared to handle the load, otherwise you will bring your server down.

8. Reddit.com

Another news popularity site. Same as Digg. Post your blog articles here, but don’t submit your entire site.

9. Answers.yahoo.com

Ask questions and post answers to other questions. You can post links to your site in your responses.

10. Xanga.com

A community blog. Create keyword-rich content and links to your sites in posts.

11. Kiva.org

A microfinance site. You loan and borrow from individual entrepreneurs. Create a profile page and link to your site from your profile page.

12. Geocities.com

One of the oldest sites. Create some mini websites and links to your websites from geocities pages.

13. Twitter.com

Create an account using a keyword and post your link on your profile.

14. Propeller.com

Another news popularity site. Put your site link on your profile page.

15. Tradebit.com

A site where you can buy and sell digital content. If you have e-books, your own recorded music, etc., put your keywords in the list by pointing to your site’s URL.

16. Angelfire.com

Another old site like Geocities. Create your mini sites and place links to your site on the pages of the mini site.

17. Weebly.com

A 2.0 website where you can create your own mini sites like Geocites. Use the same technique you use for Geocites and Angelfire for backlinks to your sites.

18. Blogowogo.com

A blog aggregation site. If you are running a blog, add your RSS feed to your site and every time you post new articles on your blog, your page on Blogowogo will be updated.

19. Tumblr.com

Post and share your photos, articles, links, music and videos. Use your site link on the profile page.

20. StumbleUpon.com

Discover great web pages and share them with your friends. You can submit your site and individual pages to StumbleUpon.

21. EzineArticles.com

The most popular article directory. Submit your articles with the author’s box below each article. You can use up to two links to your site in each article.

22. Flickr.com

The most popular photo sharing site. You can put your site link on the profile page.

23. MyBlogLog.com

Share your online activity on a single page. Link to their sites from the profile page.

24. FastCompany.com

If you are passionate about the business idea, you should register on this highly respected site. You can use anchor text on your profile page to link to your website.

25. YouTube.com

The most popular video sharing site. If you do not have a YouTube account, you must register immediately. Upload interesting and funny videos. Create your profile and link to your site.

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