Home Office Feng Shui: sound and aroma

Continuing with the third installment in our five-part series on Feng Shui tips for your home office space, this week we’re talking about sound and aroma.

Practicing Feng Shui can be a great way to maintain a happy balance in your office space. The key elements of water, fire, wood, and earth can help you find a calm balance and generate more energy and productivity.

Fourth part: sound and aroma

Choose a quiet space

If you can choose which room to use for your home office, be sure to consider using the one that is furthest from known noise sources. For example, if you know that your neighbors have pools and pleasant days will be noisy during the day, avoid using the rooms closest to them. If you can reduce the amount of outside noise that invades your home office, you will be able to focus better.

Close your door

If there are other people at home, it may be a good idea to close the door while you work. Not only does it help you focus on your work, but eliminating external and unnatural noises will also allow Chi to travel through space without major interruptions.

Listen to music

Playing some kind of relaxing instrumental music can help you relax while you work. It can help you relieve stress and calm your nerves. Remember to avoid music with lyrics, as this can be distracting. Amazon Prime has great stations for light jazz, classic, and new age. Some of my favorite artists? Daniel May (New Age), Amrik (Spanish Guitar), David R. Maracle (Native American) and Dan Gibson (Nature, New Age and Atmosphere).

Balance your sound

Think about the sounds that make you happy, as well as the sounds that make you feel stressed. Try to use one to balance the other. For example, if you’d rather listen to your music than the barking dog outside, close the window and turn the music up a little higher.

Taste burning oil

Your office will smell better in seconds if you use an oil burner, and they use only a small amount of oil.

Candle light

Not only will you fill your space with a cozy scent, but you will also add an atmosphere of relaxation. A small, soft flame is a very natural way to represent the key element of fire and makes the room feel like home.

Burn incense

There are several types of incense that are believed to promote healthy Chi and create a pleasant scent in a room. Find a scent that makes you feel relaxed or mix scents to increase your balance.

Use lavender and geranium

These two scents in particular will help calm your nerves and keep everything in perspective. They are also usually available in many forms, so choose the one you prefer.

Boost with citrus

If you want to stay awake and alert, even late at night, try using citrus scents like tangerine and tangerine. These aromas increase the amount of energy in a space.

Remove trash frequently

Nothing interrupts the Chi in a room like the bad smell of garbage, mold, and mildew. They can distract you from your work until you take care of them and be very unpleasant. Make sure you take the trash out of your workspace frequently, especially if it is related to food.

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