How Far In Advance Should We Book A Wedding Live Band?

Advance Should We Book A Wedding Live Band

Whether you’re hiring a wedding live band to create an unforgettable party or you just want to add that special something extra to your day, hiring live music for your wedding is an excellent idea. It will not only add a touch of class to your celebration, but it will also help guests get into the spirit of the day and make lasting memories.

The key to a successful event is communication and timing, especially when it comes to booking entertainers such as bands and DJs. For this reason, it’s best to start your search for a wedding entertainment option as soon as you have your venue locked down and the basic skeleton of your guest list finalised. Ideally, you should aim to book your wedding live band around 12 months in advance of the date. This gives you plenty of time to find a talented entertainer and ensure they are available on your chosen date.

Most bands will have a repertoire that they perform regularly at Wedding Live Band. This will be a tried and tested playlist that they know gets people dancing. However, it’s worth asking them if they can learn one or two songs for your special day (such as your first dance song) and give you a sample of their rendition to make sure you’re happy with their sound.

How Far In Advance Should We Book A Wedding Live Band?

It’s worth checking with the band that they can fit into your venue’s space, and be prepared for any additional expenses such as staging dimensions or power requirements. It’s also a good idea to have a frank conversation with your venue about the possibility of any restrictions on live music, as some venues impose noise ordinances.

Your contract will likely include a rider, which lists the requirements the band must meet to provide their services. This includes things such as stage dimensions and power requirements, which may require the couple to provide their own equipment. If you’re flying in a wedding band from outside of the local area, this may also include flight costs and hotel accommodation requirements.

In general, most bands will take between 60 and 90 minutes to arrive, set up and sound check for a gig. This can be a little disruptive to your day, especially during dinner, so it’s worth checking with the band if you want them to arrive early and whether there will be any additional charges.

Most bands will ask for a deposit payment to secure the booking. This will ensure that they are taking your event seriously and are unlikely to back out or cancel at the last minute. At FixTheMusic, deposits can be paid securely online using credit or debit card and are held safely until your event is over.

Most wedding bands will quote based on the assumption that they’ll arrive at the venue around 5pm or 6pm to prepare for their performance. If you’re planning on having your ceremony and reception in the same room, it might be worth discussing with the band if they’ll need to arrive earlier.

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