How Jonathan Budd Has Helped My Online Network Marketing Business

How Jonathan Budd Has Helped My Online Network Marketing Business

This article will explain how Jonathan Budd (through his training) has helped my network marketing business online. I learned early on to find a mentor who could help accelerate my success. Jonathan is a 26-year-old boy who became very successful by placing great value on his team.

During my first experience with network marketing, I struggled a lot. It wasn’t that I was lazy or didn’t listen to my upline. It was for a variety of reasons, the most important being a lack of highly targeted leads. You see, I was marketing to my friends and family, cold calling and prospecting to anyone and everyone. I was missing the big picture when building a business and that is looking for qualified prospects who are actually looking for what you have to offer.

When I finally made the leap into network marketing online, I knew I needed a mentor. I was first introduced to Daegan Smith and then Jonathan Budd. Daegan taught me a lot and I got my feet wet under him. When I found Jonathan Budd it had already started. I was actively doing article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, blogging, etc.

One day while working online, I came across Jonathan Budd promoting his course on how to build a network marketing business online on MySpace. I was very interested because I had yet to use social media to market my business. I bought the course from him and he started teaching me more about ATTRACTION marketing and how to set up different MySpace profiles to market my business. He also taught me how to use a tool (Friendblaster Pro) to send friend requests and cartoons on autopilot.

I quickly built a friend list of 10,000 people spread across 5 profiles. I automatically sent friend requests and bullet points to all my friends every day. I never spam my friends, I made sure to send valuable content every day. This produced many leads for my online network marketing business that I would befriend and bring to my business. The POWER of social media is evident in today’s marketplace and I can’t think of another guy (Jonathan Budd) who is more adept at ATTRACTION marketing.

Needless to say, I am very grateful that my online network marketing business has grown from where it was to where it is today.

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