How Old is Antonio Sabato Jr?

Antonio Sabato Jr

If you’re curious about the age of American actor Antonio Sabato Jr, you’ve come to the right place. This Italian-born actor first gained attention as an underwear model. He later landed the role of Jagger Cates on General Hospital. Here are some of the facts about this actor. They may surprise you! Continue reading to find out! And remember: the older he gets, the more interesting he gets.

Italian-born Antonio Sabato, Jr. is currently 66 years old. He began his career as an underwear model and went on to play the role of Jagger Cates on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. His tweets and social media accounts are filled with updates about his father’s health. He has more than 13k followers on Twitter and more than 197k followers on Instagram. The actor has been a major star on the show for many years and continues to get plenty of work in the media.

It is unknown what caused the death of Sabato Sr. The actor, who died earlier this month from complications from COVID-19, had a diverse career in film. His early work was in Italian films like Lo scandalo and Grand Prix. His father was nominated for the New Star of the Year award at the 1967 Golden Globes. Antonio Sabato Jr. paid tribute to his father by posting an old photo of his family on Twitter.

How Old is Antonio Sabato Jr?

The actor has also backed Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. His political views caused his career to take a major downturn. He was one of the first entertainers to publicly back Trump. His political stance led him to run for a congressional seat in California in 2018. But after his unsuccessful bid, his contract with ABC was terminated. After his failed congressional campaign, he has since moved to Florida and pursued a career in construction.

The Italian actor Antonio Sabato Jr. was born on February 29, 1972. His mother is Yvonne Kabouchy. There are no other details about his mother. His parents are married, but his father is deceased. After a successful career as an underwear model for Calvin Klein, Antonio Sabato Jr. became a star. While his height is unknown, he wears a dress size of 8 and shoes of 4 inches.

Aside from his movie career, he has extensive theater and television credits. In 1992, he starred in Romeo and Juliet and was featured in the hit musical, “Two Trains Running.”

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