How to create an energized vision board

So everyone seems to be talking about the power of a Vision Board and you’ve finally decided to find out what all the fuss is about. I have been creating and using vision boards for over 15 years and find a vision board to be one of the best tools to support you in your quest to achieve your goals and manifest what you want in your life.

What is a vision board? Basically, it’s a collage-like project that you fill with images, words, and statements that reflect the kind of energy, growth, and development you want in your life.

Everyone uses visualization in their daily life. When you use a vision board, you are simply creating something tangible that reinforces the positive thoughts and forward thinking in your mind and invites more of that energy into your environment.

Many people want to know if a Vision Board really works. In my experience, I would have to say yes. The reason a vision board can work is because the board is a reflection of the thoughts we have about something we want to come true in our lives. The board becomes a visual reminder resonating the energy of what we want.

Using a vision board can help you clarify, focus, and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re ready to create your first vision board or feel like you need to modify the one you have, here are some tips to help guide your way:

1. Brainstorm – Get a bunch of old magazines and photos of yourself, family and friends that you want to use on your board (this all depends on what you identified for the areas you want

include on your board). Go through the magazines and tear or cut out all the pictures and words that ‘speak’ to you. These images and words should fit the categories you have decided to focus on and should be in line with your goals and dreams. Assemble a big stack so you’ll have plenty to choose from once you start finalizing your picks.

2. Organize – Begin to arrange the pictures and words on the board in a way that is pleasing to you. Play around with things, moving them around until the design feels right. Have fun creating the energy that will reflect the vision of your life.

Depending on the type of dashboard you are creating, you can organize the dashboard by category. For example, you can style the placement of your categories like this:

Health Finance

(your image!)

career relationship

You would place pictures and words that reflect your health goals in the left corner and your finances in the right corner and so on. You can also write words or quotes on your whiteboard, so you can leave a blank space. In the center of the board you can place a picture of you in your prime or you can put a word in the center that has a powerful resonance that sums up what your board is all about.

If your vision board is a theme board, meaning it’s dedicated to career or some other category, then you don’t need to organize it by category.

3. Glue or tape everything in a pattern you like. Then hang it somewhere where you can see it every day.


There are also various types of vision boards. You may find that one of these types of boards is perfect for you:

•Crystal clear – This board is used when you have a very clear vision of what you want for your future. You will be looking for exact images and sets of words. For example: you imagine going to Paris in a year. You’ll be looking for a specific image that reflects Paris (perhaps an image of the Eiffel Tower) and perhaps the word or number 1, etc. This board may not need any editing over the months because its goal is so clear.

•In flow – This board is used when you are not sure what you want or are not sure where you should go or what you should do. You will be looking for images and words that speak to you in terms of fine-tuning your direction. This type of board goes through many more editions than the Crystal Clear board.

• Thematic – Use this style of board if you are working on only one area of ​​your life or maybe it is for your birthday or some other event. You may want to manifest something specific for your birthday. You could include how old you will be and words that reflect what you want to achieve for your birthday or what you want to make the event a success.

•Categories – You should pay special attention to several areas of your life that you may want your vision board to reflect, either individually or together: purpose or mission, service, finances, spirit/faith, health, relationships, career, business, etc. .

You can design your dashboard to include all or just some of the categories.

A vision board can work because you can use it as a visual reminder and to reinforce the thoughts you already have about your goals and dreams.


use it – Looking at the board every day will make you always aware of your dreams and goals.

to believe – Remember, a big part of your success with a vision board is believing that you deserve what is reflected on your board. This belief will become the catalyst for you to do what is necessary to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

update it – As your vision and dreams change, remember to update your vision board. You want what you have imagined in your mind to pass into the tangible world with consistency.

Be patient and never give up – Keep using your vision board to help you clarify and focus your goals and dreams. Just because you put an image on your board and it doesn’t manifest in your life within 2 months doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. You have to be patient, use the tool, believe that you deserve what you have imagined and continue living your life. It will happen if you keep the faith and allow the Universe to work apparent miracles.

There are also many online ways to create a virtual board. You can also upload apps to your computer and have your vision board delivered right to your desktop if you prefer to go that route.

Whatever format you use, a vision board is one of the most powerful ways to transform the way you think and your life.

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