How to make your ex boyfriend miserable without you: make him suffer for you

Do you want to make your ex boyfriend miserable? Would you like him to feel some of the unrelenting emotional pain that you are? It’s very difficult when you’ve been dumped by a man you love and you suspect he’s moved on with his life without even giving it a second thought. You are frustrated, sad and angry about this. All you really want is for him to regret the breakup and beg you to get back together with him. It can’t be that hard to make that happen, right? Actually, it is not. You can make your ex feel as miserable as he has made you feel, and in the meantime, he will start to want you back.

The first, and possibly most important, step to making your ex-boyfriend miserable is to leave him too. You are probably wondering how this is possible given the fact that he already broke up with you. Your boyfriend has enough emotional insight to know that you are the one suffering right now. He probably knows that if he calls you and tells you to come over, you’ll break a speed record to get there. He knows you’re desperate and he knows you want him back. His first goal is to prove him wrong.

Get together, save the tears, dress up in an incredibly sexy outfit and call him out. Ask him to meet you. When that happens, it happens a few minutes late for you to make an entry. Be cordial to him but not affectionate. Ask him how he’s doing, make small talk, and then you’ll emotionally slap him. Tell him that you asked him to meet with you so you could thank him for the breakup. You won’t know what hit him. Explain that he has thought a lot about things and now he realizes what a good decision he made. Don’t explain beyond that. Just wish him the best and walk away. In one fell swoop you’ve just made him feel the same relentless sense of rejection that you feel.

The next part of your plan to make him suffer for you is to stop talking to him. Forget your phone number and delete your email address. Do not go near him in any way for a few weeks. Instead, he starts living your life again. Go out, have fun, smile and laugh. Do the things you’ve missed doing. Flirt a little with other men, go to the spa, or do some volunteer work. Do whatever it takes to start enjoying your life again.

Once your ex finds out about your behavior, he will be saddened. He will realize that you have moved on and all the luck he had with you could be gone forever. Once that happens, expect a deluge of phone calls and text messages. The moment a man realizes that he can no longer have a woman, he wants her. So become someone who is out of his league and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

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