How To Use Social Media In Your Chiropractic Marketing

Using Social Media Sites to Market a Chiropractic Practice

Marketing can be a costly and difficult trial-and-error process that can take time away from the office and patients, and deliver very little value. Many chiropractors want to know if there are inexpensive marketing methods that can get them directly to their potential patients. The answers to such questions are found in social networks.

What is a social network?

Very few people are completely unaware of social networking websites like Myspace and Facebook, but most people cannot explain exactly what social networking means. Fundamentally, social networking websites started for both business and social opportunities. They are online groups or communities with shared interests, businesses, religions, or other topics.

Each member of a social network will be obliged to create a profile or page on the network, which contains relevant information about himself and his interests or experience. This helps identify those who may have shared views, needs, or social connections, which are ultimately the reason for joining a social networking website. Profile pages also allow professionals to detail their backgrounds and market insights.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs have started using the technologies and systems behind social media to market their products or services. This means that qualified specialists such as chiropractors should also look at the marketing potential of social networking websites.

One of the key benefits of marketing through social media placements is that they are free and only require the chiropractor’s time to create, maintain, and frequently update their profiles. It is important for the chiropractor to always remember that they are communicating directly with their target audience, so up-to-date, professional, and timely materials are an absolute must.

The following pages will provide summary explanations of registering and using some of the more popular social networking websites for marketing purposes, but there are some general guidelines to follow for any location. These include:

Be very aware of the design, layout and content of the profile page. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary information or fill it with material that takes a long time to load. It may be a good idea to seek professional assistance for this particular procedure, as many free page layout templates or “skins” are filled with advertisements and links that may be inappropriate and/or unprofessional. Use only high-quality graphics, images, and backgrounds. This is especially important if a chiropractor will be using a picture of himself or his personal image in his profile.

· Use a real name for the profile. For example, “Dr. Robert P. Sussman” is much more appropriate and professional than “Fix my back, please!” In fact, if your real name is available as a username, it’s the best choice for your profile and can allow potential customers to find your page much faster.

· Use your profile page to properly introduce potential patients and new “friends” to both you and your practice. This is not the time to be shy or reticent, and if awards have been won or recognition has been given, please mention it in the profile. Make sure your profile information includes a functional link to your professional home page. Fill the available profile space only with truly valuable content. Some practitioners use a “newsletter” format to update patients and friends with weekly tips, etc. on their websites. This can easily be transferred to a social network profile page. Alternatively, a chiropractor could alert all of your “friends” about a new ebook, download, or other item available on your profile. For example, a chiropractor might post “10 Exercises for a Healthier Back Now Available to Download on Myspace” in their updates.

Investigating by making an RSS from a professional blog to each profile. This can save time while maintaining an up-to-date profile.

Participate frequently in discussions, without constantly referring to your practice. Participating intelligently in discussions that ask questions about common chiropractic issues can redirect visitors to your profile and ultimately to a visit. Also, many members of a group or network will gladly visit and comment on your profile location, which can result in increased search engine traffic.

· Find and join groups or forums that have specific needs or interests in chiropractic discussions and services. This is one of the wisest and best ways to get the most out of a social networking site.

Be professional rather than casual in all posts and replies, and remember to always check spelling and grammar. Never, under any circumstances, engage in rude or unprofessional behavior. For example, posting a negative critique of another chiropractor’s answer to a question can be a very damaging method of communicating a professional opinion. It’s best to keep such things off of a social networking website. Also choose to have emails sent to you when someone leaves a message on your page, as this allows for a timely response to your query.

Investigating those who ask to become a “friend” on your profile. This is a social network, of course, but it is important to be affiliated only with those who have the right credentials, interests, or who are not detrimental to developing a broader patient base.

· Visit social networking sites regularly, ie at least two to three times a week. Plan to reply within others’ threads and update the information on your own page with each visit.

· Include contact information and URLs for all of your social networking pages in brochures, flyers, advertisements, or other materials that are frequently delivered to new or existing patients.

With such “tips” in mind, you’ll be able to start creating effective profile pages on some of the best social networking websites on the internet. However, before you begin to do so, one final concept should be discussed: “indirect marketing.”

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