“I will never be able to sing again”: the shocking testimony of Françoise Hardy who assures that she is not “afraid of dying”

When, in 2015, everyone believed that I was dying, I was told that it had upset him to the point of telling the person who lived with him that I was the woman of his life “, confie Françoise Hardy, in the columns of Paris Match, about Jacques Dutronc with whom she married and then separated (but never divorced). It moved me deeply. “

“I’m not afraid to die”

Beyond her confessions on Jacques Dutronc, the 77-year-old musician spoke out about her illnesses. Starting with his pharyngeal cancer. Deprived of saliva for three years by 45 radiotherapy sessions, I have permanent respiratory distress, attacks of suffocation and suffocation, she explains, still in Paris Match. Not to mention the endless nasal bleeding. ” Françoise Hardy, however, assures that she does not have “afraid of dying.I am very afraid of suffering, she concedes, on the other hand. Especially since it is already the case, also afraid of the suffering of having to separate myself from the two beings that I love the most in the world, Thomas and his father ”.

“France is inhuman”

I have been a supporter of euthanasia for a very long time, underlined, in the Parisian in 2008, the one for whom the physical suffering is “irremediable and useless”. And I am scandalized whenever doctors or unfortunate parents find themselves in nightmarish situations because of the inhumanity of the administration and of society. My mother died the way she wanted, when she wanted it”. A choice of life which she would like to access but which is still prohibited in France as she recalls in Paris Match. “When my condition becomes even more unbearable, I will, unfortunately, not have the relief of knowing that I can be euthanized. France is inhuman on this level. “

Don’t sing anymore? “It doesn’t bother me”

“Like, thanks to the rays and immunotherapy, I became deaf in one ear and my head is dry – throat, nose, mouth – I will never be able to sing again “, concludes Françoise Hardy in Paris Match. The interpreter of “How to say goodbye to you?” does not see it badly for all that. “It doesn’t bother me, specifies the one who is today devoted – in particular – to the writing of her book “Songs on you and us” which traces the pieces that she wrote in more than 55 years of career. I wrote so many good texts that my little vein is probably exhausted. ”

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