“I’m not a fan”: Donald Trump drops a strong opinion on Meghan Markle and defends the Queen

Donald Trump persists and signs: he is “not a fan” by Meghan Markle. But whoever could try his luck again in the hope of running for a second term in Washington would rather welcome the arrival of the Duchess on the American political scene. In the United States, it is indeed readily announced that the 39-year-old former actress intends to appear in 2024 under the Democratic flag.

“The Queen is a wonderful person”

“I hope that will happen. If it does, I think that will make me even more motivated to introduce myself”, he confided, questioned on the subject by Fox News. The former POTUS pointed out that he had little tasted of the American’s recent media release and how “she talks about the royal family and the Queen”. The Republican even wanted to publicly defend Elizabeth II, met in July 2018 at Windsor Castle, then again in June 2019. “I happen to know the Queen, as you know. I met her and I think she’s a great person, and I’m not a fan of Meghan.”, he added.

During Megxit, Donald Trump had already sided with the British monarchy. “I wish Harry good luck, because he’s going to need it.”, he had blurted out.

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