ING launches an online service to manage its subscriptions

The OneView service, available via the application and the bank’s e-banking site, offers users a global view of their subscriptions, for example to gas and electricity, to streaming or fitness services, based on their account information and recurring payments. They can thus manage or terminate them without having to contact the company themselves.

An additional functionality also allows you to compare your energy supplier or mobile operator with better alternatives on the market.

The customer receives a personalized recommendation on the basis of a questionnaire, which takes into account in particular a possible preference for green energy. If the person accepts, the new supplier’s offer automatically replaces the existing contract.

Among the providers available on this feature are Luminus, Elegant, Octa +, Bolt Energy and Watz. In the mobile telephony market, ING has entered into a partnership with United Telecom, Mobile Vikings and Ello !.

In the past four months, 100,000 customers have been able to test the system. One in ten has canceled a subscription. Almost one in five has canceled several. They have thus saved an average of 400 euros per year, calculates ING.

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