Internet Marketing Book Review: 30 Days to Social Media Success

By: Gail Z. Martin

Published by Career Press, Inc., 220 West Parkway, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

ISBN 978-1-60163-130-5

Book Price: $ 13.99

Social media marketing that works

Best-selling author Gail Z. Martin is a marketing expert and international speaker. She is also the CEO of her own company, DreamSpinner Communications. It is known as the “resource for results” for marketing that works. Its resources help small and new businesses, consultants, trainers, authors, etc. to have success.

Single rule of 30 apps

Gail Z. Martin applies her unique “Rule of 30” approach to social media marketing. In 30 chapters, she shows how one chapter a day will lead to proven success, stating why most marketing fails (Chapter 1), finding your true story (Chapter 6), Facebook (Chapter 9), LinkedIn (Chapter 10) , Twitter (Chapter 11), Blogs (Chapter 12), YouTube (Chapter 15), Chats (Chapter 16), etc.

More than just information on social media tools

Martin employees have a professional tone and experience-based business knowledge. She begins with: “Many marketing efforts fail because they focus on what the company wants to sell rather than what the target audience needs to solve an urgent problem … No planning … Inappropriate actions … Lack of clarity about the target market … Lack of clear objectives … Unreasonable expectations … It is not clear how marketing works … Insufficient patience. “

Gail progresses to reveal internet marketing tools, along with practical exercises to use them. In the case of Facebook, he suggests: “Use Facebook as a never-ending networking event … Ask half a dozen of your employees, real-life friends, and colleagues to comment on your page … new ways to do it! alive and fresh. “

Martin’s familiarity with social media increases the validity of his message. She warns readers not to violate the social culture of each platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), stating: “LinkedIn has a very harsh view of anything similar to spam, it is best to avoid contacting people you do not know until you “are very familiar with the culture of LinkedIn.”

Gail diversifies into using social media in a successful marketing strategy (public relations, sales promotion, local business, branding, etc.). His advice is practical like: “When you publish a press release on an online syndication site, make sure that the headlines and text contain many keywords for optimal search and that they have good links to your website …”

Use social media platforms for successful marketing

Gail Z. Martin informs about social media platforms and draws readers to a 30-day action plan to use them.

Success Step: Search for businesses on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, list the ways they do social media marketing.

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