Internet Marketing for Consumers and B2B Markets

Are B2C and B2B marketing efforts the same in the online space? B2B marketplaces and consumer marketplaces can appear similar based on financial variables like market size and industry growth rate. However, marketing a consumer item is very different from marketing in a B2B marketplace.

B2B has far fewer sales/sales leads compared to B2C companies

First of all, it is the number of questions. Most B2C people may be surprised when they see the number of inquiries or sales in a B2B marketplace. Typically, the number of customers is much lower, ranging from 10% to 0.1% of typical B2C customers. A B2C marketer can be disturbed by low numbers and can make wrong strategic decisions. For example, relevant keywords may have low search frequencies and an inexperienced marketer may ignore the best keywords and instead go for lower quality, more generic keywords because they have higher search frequencies.

B2B buyers are seasoned professionals as opposed to a typical consumer buyer.

Second, B2B clients are often seasoned professionals who tend to make objective decisions. Usually, many web designers tend to keep the theme of a business as a B2C site. However, decision makers in B2B companies may not shortlist a business because the site does not strive to match the personality of decision makers in a certain industry. For example, a company targeting senior IT people for its product needs to make site color schemes reflect a tech-savvy business website. This will be very different from a website for wedding photographers.

Content is read more by B2B industry decision makers

Third, most B2B sites need to have more content rather than less content. Well, that doesn’t mean you should throw out a lot of words without paragraph headings. B2B decision makers tend to read and forward the information to others in the organization. The amount of content would be much more than say on the website of a home staging expert.

Prospects in B2C markets, in general, seek only the information they are looking for. Unless they find the specific information for your needs, they won’t go into details. They generally scan the web page and do not read the details. You need to make sure that you educate and inform them by using content that is easy to read and follow.

Here we have seen how a difference in B2B or B2C can mark the definition of the Internet marketing plan for a company. Similarly, many other things about a business, its customers, and markets need to be considered before defining an Internet marketing strategy for a business.

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