Kathrin Kolleritsch alias Kerosin95: “I want to exist in language” | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Kolleritsch (geboren 1995) ist non-binär, definiert sich also weder weiblich noch männlich.

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After a few singles, there is now an album. How did “Volume 1” come about?

Kathrin Kolleritsch: Actually within a few months. The LP project has been around for a long time, but with the first lockdown in spring I had to take a break. At the end of summer 2020 it went on, I just approached interesting people and asked if they would like to work with me. That worked perfectly.

Did the first shock of the lockdown annoy you too?

Kolleritsch: I had previously worked on so many projects in parallel that I could no longer work. I was at the limit a long time ago. It wasn’t a leisurely break, but rather one that I had to take, otherwise I wouldn’t have made any more music afterwards.

Also because the job for aspiring musicians is more and more management, and not just writing and performing?

Kolleritsch: Yes, management now takes up 70 percent of the time. That will be a lot, even if you get help from management and booking agencies.

According to your own statements, you did not develop a concept for “Volume 1”.

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