“Krimi Trail” Innsbruck: When the city walk turns into a criminal hunt | Tiroler Tageszeitung Online

Die Triumphpforte ist nur eine der Stationen von Innsbrucks erstem „Krimi-Trail“. Auf dem Weg quer durch die Stadt gilt es herauszufinden, wer hinter Drohbriefen gegen eine heimische Konditorei steckt.

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Innsbruck – The situation is oppressive. An Innsbruck confectionery is constantly confronted with threatening letters. What initially seemed harmless has now left the family in despair: Because the most recent letter threatens “destruction” – in just 24 hours … Sounds unsettling? Fortunately, the whole thing is only the scenario for Innsbruck’s first “crime trail”.

Kufstein made the start in Tyrol, now there is also an offer for recreational investigators in the state capital to be able to go on a digital search for clues. Eva Karrer, who was in charge of devising the tricky puzzle game for Innsbruck, describes the crime thriller trail as a mixture of scavenger hunt, sightseeing and the popular “escape games” in which you have to solve puzzles and tasks in a team. The company she works for already offers crime trails in Salzburg and Vienna.

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