Laeticia Hallyday loves Jalil Lespert “to the ends of the universe”

On March 18, Laeticia Hallyday celebrated her 46th birthday. Radiant, she appears with her lover, the actor (formerly) and director (we owe him the DSK documentary series) Jalil Lespert. It was on Instagram that he told her again, how much she meant to him and how much he was crazy about her. ” Happy birthday my love, you are the wonder, the jewel that makes me vibrate, breathe and dream every second “, he posted.

Words to which Laeticia was quick to respond, by the same means, thus letting the whole world know that she had a right to happiness. A new happiness.I could spend the rest of my wasted days in the immensity of your love. The way you love me is a transcendent experience. I love you to the ends of the universe “, she wrote. This is for her lover. But as a network champion, Laeticia did not fail to thank those and them who thought of her on this particular day.Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for your messages which touch me infinitely. Thank you for giving me so much strength, so much warmth, and so much affection “, she added.

What nail the beak to those (and those) who had qualified, on the set of TPMP, of “happy widow” …

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