Lamarthe – A Parisian pride

Lamarthe – A Parisian pride

Paris is home to world-renowned designers, famous figures, and great food. What’s not to love about this city? It is also home to one of the best bag brands in the country: Lamarthe.

Unknown to many, this brand was first conceived in 1930 by its founder, Alfred Lamarthe. He began by developing patents for luxury leather goods and accessories with smokers as his target market. He eventually opened his first store in 1946 displaying only products that are elegant with quality standards.

Having been in business for quite some time, it was only last year that it launched in the United States. No wonder actresses like Marcia Cross, Zhang Ziyi and Angela Bassett are seen sporting their own Lamarthe bags. In fact, these exceptional bags have been listed as one of the Top Ten Must Haves by Paris Elle magazine. The brand has been synonymous with impeccable designs and excellent quality. Well, talk about class and elegance rolled into one. Today these bags have found their way into all the key cities of the world and into all the hearts of women who yearn for style and beauty.

The unicorn and the muse

When you hear the word unicorn, what comes to mind? Like the mythical figure it represents, the emblem of Lamarthe bags, which means purity, strength and beauty. Mainly, their bags are meticulously crafted and made from the most genuine and pure leather. Her designs are well thought out to create a true beauty that only Lamarthe can think of. So the next time you see a unicorn, it has to be the best buy. Elettra Rossellini is the muse of the brand. Just like the product she promotes, she is a true beauty who embodies strength, boldness, and character.

A designer alternative

Designer brands have flooded and penetrated the market in amazing ways. However, only a select few can afford such a luxury. Now, you can have an inexpensive bag with a designer look. It also gives you the feeling of being a celebrity, as some big names in Hollywood are starting to take notice of this Parisian brand. Get this designer bag now and experience for yourself the different comforts it can bring you.

A must have

Bags are a woman’s best friend, next to shoes. They have become our constant companion. They also define us, and the kind of person we are. This particular brand of bag can never let you down. Quality wise it is made from genuine leather and intricately stitched and created in the most traditional way of leather craft techniques. It is designed to last a lifetime. Now, that’s what you call getting your money’s worth.

With class and on-trend elegance, this brand screams sophistication and elegance. Like any French brand, it exudes luxury and elegance. Interestingly, their bags can also happily communicate with their owners. With its wide range of bags, purses and wallets, there is always one for every woman. Take your pick and experience how it can make you click!

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