Lightyear Wireless – An Uncut Third Party Review From An Industry Expert!

Lightyear Wireless – An Uncut Third Party Review From An Industry Expert!

The Lightyear Wireless scam is getting a lot of attention, and sadly, all the review articles seem to have a hidden agenda. Personally, I think it is important that you know the real truth related to this company, so in this short article I am really going to reveal the extremely good and not so good about this company, allowing you to fully know what is wrong with you. be messing around, because the last thing you want to do is sign up with the wrong company.

Lightyear’s Wireless Scam: Is It Really Valid?

The good news is that Lightyear Wireless is not a scam. The not-so-good news is that it can be worse if you don’t understand these principles that I’m going to cover in this short article. Lightyear Wireless is a telecommunications company that also provides professional services in the business services industry as well as the entertainment industry. Lightyear Network Solutions, a full-service communications provider founded in 1993 by Sherman Henderson, is its parent company. Lightyear Wireless was created in 2008 and is the organization’s multi-level marketing division. They have an alliance with Sprint so that representatives can sell the latest generation cellular devices at wholesale prices.

Lightyear wireless scam: what about the products?

If in fact, this company was a scam or illegal pyramid scheme, they would have no physical products. However, they currently market a variety of products and services with a primary focus on their wireless service. Their partnership with Sprint Wireless provides them with ease of access to Sprint’s 4G network and infrastructure.

Many more services consist of satellite television, home security, voice over internet protocol (VOIP), local and long distance phone service, plus an online travel website. Getting paid every time a consumer pays their regular monthly bill is what attracts so many men and women to this home business opportunity.

A Wireless Lightyear Scam or a Genuine Wealth Building Network Marketing Business?

After diligently reviewing the compensation plan and marketing system, I must state that contrary to the Lightyear Wireless scam articles being distributed, everything about this company appears to be legit.

Now the real question is “How do you make money, and a lot of it?”

According to the companies’ compensation plan, all associates have to do to earn more money is accumulate a relatively small number of customers, then sponsor a few people who want to generate additional income and help them collect a handful of leads as well. customers. That seems to be relatively painless, right?

You will find thousands, even millions and millions of human beings looking for ways to reduce their bills, mainly their monthly cell phone bill. There are well over 255 million cell phone users, so trying to find a handful of them willing and eager to look into a new venture and save some money at the same time shouldn’t be all that challenging, if you understand the best ways to marketing. efficiently.

The problem for most network marketers is attracting qualified people to their organization. Certainly, people today want to generate income, but most people are not typically entrepreneurial minded and would rather work for someone else. They may even believe that Lightyear Wireless is a scam.

Lightyear wireless scam, in short

Simply branding the company and its replicated website will add you to the 97% of Network Marketers who never make any real money. You can generate a lot of cash flow as a representative of this company, but you will need to know how to properly market yourself and qualify yourself as a leader.

The old ways to build a network marketing empire will still work, but when you combine those ways with 21st century marketing strategies using the power of the web, you are on your way to building a great empire in no time. that those who say otherwise will have no choice but to suspect Lightyear Wireless of being a scam.

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