Local Businesses: The Benefits of Building a Website and Marketing it to Generate Leads

Let’s face it, the old way of advertising your local business using newspaper or yellow page ads is no longer effective. More and more people are using the Internet to find local products and services because it’s faster and gets better results. If you have an offline business, you need a marketing plan that uses online promotion strategies.

Benefits of a Construction Website for Local Businesses

Effective cost

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for them in the newspaper or yellow pages, you can register a domain name, build a website, and get a hosting account that will take your business offline online. Once your website is live, it will stay there forever as long as you maintain payments. While this may cost you more than a yellow page ad initially, it will cost less in the long run.

Change content regularly

With your website you can edit the content as many times as you want, daily, weekly or monthly. You will be able to add videos, audios and articles to keep your visitors interested. You can do it yourself or assign it to your webmaster.


If you want to interact with your visitors create a blog. Visitors can leave comments on your posts, subscribe to your newsletter, or subscribe to your RSS feeds.

online brochure

Your website can serve as an online brochure showcasing your products and services. Whenever you meet someone, you can simply direct them to your website.

online store

If you’ve been selling products in-store, why not offer them online by creating an online store? You will expand your audience and generate more sales.

How to Market Your Local Website to Generate Leads


Do the necessary research to find the places your customers hang out online, and then get your message in front of them using online tools. The deeper you dig, the more successful you will be. To do this, visit and participate in blogs, forums, social networking websites, and sign up for newsletters in your niche.

2. Create a marketing strategy

short term strategy

To drive immediate traffic to your website, use geo-targeted pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords.

This tactic is the fastest way to test your keywords and ad text. If you’re having success with AdWords, expand

to Yahoo and Bing.

long term strategy

Article marketing is a free strategy that attracts a lot of web traffic on an ongoing basis. Here’s a step-by-step plan on how to do it:

  • Write and submit articles to article directories targeting your top keywords.
  • Turn these articles into videos and submit them to video sharing sites.
  • Turn these articles into podcasts and submit them to podcast directories.
  • Turn these articles into reports or an eBook and submit them to eBook directories.
  • Write a press release and send it to local publications.
  • Add a blog to your website or create a separate blog site and add new content daily or weekly.
  • Add your content to social networking sites i.e. blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Submit site to local business directories ie Google Maps, Yahoo local.
  • Submit the blog to blog and RSS directories.

The effectiveness of this plan is to do it frequently and consistently.

3. Take care of your customers

If you don’t take care of your customers, that won’t take care of you, that is, they will buy your products or services. Engage in conversations with them by responding to their comments and questions. Build a subscriber list by offering a newsletter that provides valuable content on a regular basis. This will help build long-term relationships with your customers and allow you to promote new products and services to them.

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