Look at those hills: should chase vehicles at the Tour de France be electric?

Recently, Tesla Auto achieved the highest score in NHTSA tests, almost a perfect score in a crash test. How can that be for an all-electric car, you ask? Well I was a bit surprised, I really wasn’t expecting this because electric cars are generally heavy due to the batteries below and therefore they have to try to make the rest of the car lighter to maintain performance, so how did they do it? should? Well, today’s materials certainly help, although they also add costs. Apparently, Tesla has not only that going for it, but also some very good engineering.

Still, crash tests are just one big issue with automobiles today, perhaps not even the most important for all consumers. Fuel consumption is. But don’t electric cars have both going for them? Yes, they actually do, but then there’s the problem with the scope. Now the other day, some cyclists in our expert group were contemplating challenges while cycling long distances on busy roads or in large metropolitan areas, that is, smog and car fumes, boy, isn’t it? healthy at all, not one. a bit.

What about the Tour de France with all those chase cars, motorcycles and so forth, around all the human riders who breathe at full capacity with big lungs? It is not a healthy scene at all. Shouldn’t they use electric cars and motorcycles for the chase cars, team cars, and media cars? I think so. Of course, if such a mandate was made, then what? All those electric cars would have to be charged every night, and if not fully charged, they would be parked on the side of the road without chasing the Pelaton.

A fair number of electric cars do well until you ask them to climb steep slopes and super long distances. But in fact, isn’t that how the Tour de France is designed to put human will, spirit, perseverance to the test and try to break the riders, beat them into submission over so many grueling stages until a winner emerges? ? In that case, those same hills would smash the rear end of most electric cars today, they couldn’t be with Tour’s elite human riders, but maybe a car company could make that work.

If I were a gambler, and yes, I am not, then I would bet on the latest Tesla sedan to make the grade and compete with the best human cyclists in the world, what about you? Please consider all of this and think about it. .

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