Looking to lose weight: 15 tips to jump-start your weight loss routine

One of the most difficult aspects of weight loss is the self-denial of starving yourself along with the discipline of punishing your body with strenuous exercise routines.

How long can you take it before you smash and collapse in the recliner with a whole chocolate cake?

Instead, why not try to sneak up on weight loss by making small changes, one at a time? Here are some examples.

Changes in food and beverages

01) Instead of sweet drinks, drink ice water. It’s more refreshing and won’t leave you thirsty like most sweet drinks.

02) Do you enjoy hot chocolate, but find that the sweet aftertaste leaves you craving sugar? Try dissolving a starlight mint in your cocoa leaves with a fresh mint flavor.

03) Add protein to your breakfast carbohydrates to minimize sugar spikes and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eggs, meat, and cheese taste good and provide protein.

04) Do you fancy a sweet frozen sandwich? Try freezing seedless grapes or strawberries instead of an ice cream bar.

05) Check out the many varieties of 100 calorie snacks. You can choose between sweet and savory snacks.

06) Fast food lunches are known for being high in fat and carbohydrates. Pack your own sandwich and fruit and save money and calories. Or have a thermos of tasty vegetable soup.

07) An afternoon lean meat and cheese snack can add healthy protein to your diet and help you overcome afternoon depression.

08) Looking for inexpensive dining options? Add another vegetable or fruit in place of congested carbohydrates or high-fat desserts.

Sneaky exercises

09) When you go to the store, park away from the doors and walk from your car. Exercise will do you good and you will be able to avoid battles with the other parking vultures.

10) Do you have a meeting on the second or third floor? Go ahead and use the elevator to go up, but go down the stairs. Good exercise with minimal effort.

11) Do housework with loud and lively music. You’ll soon find yourself dancing while you dust yourself off.

12) Play with the dog. Chasing a ball or a Frisbee won’t feel at all like the torture of “exercise” while having fun and burning calories.

11) Join a sports league. Your local church or “Y” may have sports leagues for volleyball, softball, and other sports. You can also join a bowling or golf league. Meet new people, enjoy sports, and burn calories.

Changes in smart shopping

12) Smart eating starts with smart shopping. Look for healthier alternatives to snacks and fast foods. Add lean meats for sandwiches and tasty fruits for quick snacks.

13) If you are tempted to eat the whole chocolate cake in one sitting, don’t buy the chocolate cake.

14) On the other hand, if you crave candy bars and nothing more than one candy bar will do, buy a pack of “fun-size” candy bars and indulge ONE at a time.

15) Because losing weight is not about self-denial. It’s about learning how to make healthier choices. One choice at a time.

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