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Fahrspaß pur – genau dafür stehen seit Generationen der hier abgebildete M4 und die M3 Limousine von BMW.


Garching – No car is as closely connected to M Sport GmbH as the M3 from BMW. It first moved people’s minds in the mid-eighties of the last century and, above all, its own rear end. Since then, the fan base has grown into the six-figure range, which is clearly a very profitable business for the group. This explains the decision to bring the sixth generation of the M3 (as a sedan) and the next generation of the M4 (as a coupé) onto the market this year. Some market observers may be surprised that the BMW management has once again decided to rely on classic combustion engines and forego electrified drive assistants. But that can still come, possibly with generation number seven. What can be quite certain: In the next year, when M Sport GmbH turns 50, the start of an M3 Touring, i.e. a sporty station wagon, will be considered fixed.

But first of all it is the turn of the double M3 Sedan / M4 Coupé. The new sports models are adorned with double kidney grille, almost oval-shaped headlights, a strongly bent bonnet and pronounced side skirts. Full LED technology is standard, laser light is available at an additional cost, and a carbon roof is part of the equipment ex works.

The engines used, namely straight six-cylinder petrol engines, which are equipped with turbochargers and at the same time appreciate high speeds, are once again proof of outstanding mastery. In the basic variant, the gasoline engine develops 480 hp, while the competition derivatives have 510 hp. The maximum torque of 550 Newton meters for the conventional M3 / M4 models is between 2650 and 6130 tours, for the Competition versions it is 650 Newton meters at between 2750 and 5500 revolutions / minute.

Vorläufiges Spitzenmodell der neuen 4er-Cabrio-Generation ist der M440i mit Sechszylinder-Turbobenziner mit 374 PS.


The vehicles accelerate from zero to 100 km / h either in 4.2 seconds or – in the case of Competition – in 3.9 seconds. Normally, the M3 and M4 are rear-wheel drive models, but the Competition can be equipped with all-wheel drive on request. An eight-speed automatic converter is always on board.

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The new M440i xDrive Cabrio, which BMW plans to bring to market shortly, is slightly slower than the M3 and M4. The 374 hp in-line six-cylinder engine drives the latest-generation open car from zero to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. The other engines of the 4 Series Cabriolet are a little more leisurely, such as the 184 hp 420i, which needs 8.2 seconds via rear-wheel drive to reach 100 km / h from a standstill. Also in the engine portfolio of the 4 Series Cabriolet: a four-cylinder petrol engine with 258 hp and a four-cylinder diesel with 190 hp. Two six-cylinder diesel engines will follow in the course of the year.

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