Marc Coucke wants to put Ekopak on the stock market

Besides Club Brugge, Euronext Brussels will soon have another newcomer, namely industrial purification specialist Ekopak, of which Marc Coucke holds 49%.

The operation should allow Ekopak to raise tens of millions of euros at least through the issuance of new shares. The timetable is not yet fixed, but it is our responsibility that the operation should take place before summer; in this sense, Ekopak adequately changed its legal form at the end of February already to become a public limited company.

“In recent years, our company has experienced an average annual growth of 40%.”

Pieter Loose

Owner and CEO of Ekopak

Marc Coucke was not available this Thursday for comment.

High increase

Little known in the south of the country, Ekopak has made a name for itself in Flanders thanks to cutting-edge technology allowing companies to reduce their water consumption by promoting the reuse of wastewater after purification.

But, as not all companies are able or willing to finance an installation treatment, the company created the subsidiary “WaaS” last year – for “water as a service” or “water as a service”. The little sister allows SMEs to simply rent their water since in addition to the design, construction and maintenance of the installation, WaaS provides financing. Companies therefore only pay a price per cubic meter depending on the source and intensity of the water treatment.

“Ekopak must not canvass, customers come ringing the bell on their own.”

Marc Coucke

Ekopak shareholder

Ekopak’s technology has already found buyers in a dozen countries, bringing its turnover to some 12 million euros in 2019. “We have 700 client companies worldwide, including 400 in Belgium“, explained Pieter Loose, owner and boss of Ekopak since its takeover in 2013 from his father-in-law. Before adding:” in recent years, our company has experienced an average annual growth of 40%. ”

For his part, Marc Coucke was renting when he arrived the fact that Ekopak was able to conclude numerous contracts ensuring recurring income. “She must not canvass potential customers, they come ring the bell themselves”, smiled the man who immediately fitted his “Adventure Valley” in Durbuy with an Ekopak system.

The Coucke Empire

But Ekopak is actually not Coucke’s only recent investment in sustainability. And for good reason, the person concerned has also invested in the blank check company (known as “Spac” in the jargon) ESG Core Investments last February in the Netherlands, can we read on the site of his investment company Alychlo.

It is via this vehicle that the businessman manages his empire where we find, in addition to his shares in Anderlecht football club, both actions in the Pairi Daiza animal park than in the Versluys construction group Рnot to mention its Durbuys company (which notably includes the Sanglier des Ardennes, Jean de Boh̬me, the Durbuy golf course, etc.) Рas regards the unlisted.

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