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Voll Vorfreude auf den nächsten sommerlichen Italien-Abstecher steht der Mazda6 schon bereit.

© Zoller Gregor

Piombino – When spring slowly comes, not only nature but also thoughts of the next tours to the south, the next few hours in warm climes, the next few days by the sea begin to sprout.

As you know, there is still a lot in the way at the moment, but in memory of our trips last summer we want to prepare mentally for the next one, because it is sure to come.

Looking back on the “summer like back then” last year, we look back on travel experiences with Tall Hendrik from Japan, the Mazda6 Sport Combi in the TT long-term test.

He is a true all-rounder who has already made the journey on the Autostrada Mastered brilliantly – 184 little horses let the distance Milan-Venezia pass faster. Whether gas or cruising, he has mastered the long-distance disciplines inside out. The automatic, a 6-speed gearbox, shifts more conservatively, so it keeps the engine speed low. In addition to the smooth running of the unit, this characteristic contributes to the relaxed overall experience.

But also in the Città, the winding and chaotically lively streets of the Italian cities, the Tall One finds his way. The reversing camera helps in the narrow parking space, the chrome elements bring the necessary style to the matter, the iPhone connectivity with the window pane down and matching Italian rags gives approval. It is well known that you shouldn’t always take yourself too seriously.

And if so, then a horde Ragazzi inspecting the car, there is no need to hide. Because the “Sport Combi”, as the model name suggests, really looks right with its slightly coupé-like rear shape and the powerful, sweeping lines on the sides potent out.

The Japanese feels pretty powerful inside too. Little is noticeable here of the back-to-basics mentality that has helped shape the Mazda Kodo design. Proper assistance systems, a head-up display and comfortable seats with heating invite you to linger. Heating is then superfluous again in summer, but it is appreciated here at home.

And exactly, the comfortable seats are natural, as we know it from Italian markets vera pelle, so real leather. That then costs more than 50,000 euros in total – unfortunately, no lire.

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