Meet high-quality professional competition service providers to keep you looking your best on stage

Meet high-quality professional competition service providers to keep you looking your best on stage

Our official bronzer is Local Girl Spray Tanning, the sister company to Liquid Sun Rayz. The same solution and the same technicians!

They will be offering tanning services right next to our Oxford Suites registration room from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the day of registration, Friday, August 17. By reserving your tan through our official tanner, you can be sure that the technicians will be with you until the moment you hit the stage, providing any touch-ups and glazing you need. No other tanners will be allowed backstage. If you’re not already familiar with Liquid Sun Rayz, they have been tanning at many major fitness competitions across the United States and only sell high quality tanning products. Their products have been researched and developed with quality moisturizing agents and ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and are alcohol and acetone free. So, come prepped and ready for your tan. Start by reserving your tan online through your Local Girl Tanning affiliate website.

Chico Modeling Professional MA Haley Ponder will be providing behind-the-scenes makeup services for your convenience.

Competition makeup is essential, just like your posing outfit and tan, you need to make sure it’s quality. You will be judged by your overall appearance. It’s important to make sure your makeup is applied correctly so it doesn’t look washed out or blend well.

She will provide makeup services for a flat fee of $60 per person. Be sure to come ready with your tanning and hair competition ready. This includes full makeup and lash application. Book your makeup service below or on the day of check-in.

American Fitness Contests strives to promote general health and wellness for all by educating and advocating for people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our mission is to increase awareness of a healthy mind-body-spirit complex while providing local communities with fitness goals to achieve.

He was born and raised in Chico and has been featured in the Chico News & Review as Chico’s first IFBB Physique Pro athlete. He graduated from Chico State with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Administration and a double major in Business Administration and Marketing. In 2012, while attending Chico State, Adam won first place in his class in the physical division at the NPC bodybuilding competition, the US Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, earning him professional status. of the. Through much dedication, he has now established a local fitness company, American Fitness Contest (AFC). The goal of this company is to promote health and fitness in the local community, as well as provide support to local businesses and non-profit organizations.

He feels that giving back to the Chico community is essential to driving social progress. He is committed to partnering with local non-profit organizations and has a vision of overall fitness for the Chico community and students.

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