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Die S-Klasse trägt die neueste Interpretation des aktuellen Marken-Gesichts und macht sich für mindestens 5,18 Meter Gardemaß auffallend schlank.

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From Stefan Pabeschitz

Stuttgart – As if Mercedes had stuck to the literary quote: “If everything is to stay the way it is, everything has to change.” So the previous S-Class was no longer tweaked, but a fundamentally new car was constructed – the one It continues the properties of its predecessor, uses innovative technologies and is also fit for future requirements. For example, the plug-in hybrids with a range of 100 kilometers that can be covered purely electrically, which is expected at the earliest in the middle of next year. The S-Class platform will also serve as the basis for the battery-powered EQS.

Schau mir in die Augen, Großes! Die Digital-Scheinwerfer könnten einen ganzen Film abspielen, beschränken sich aber auf Warnsymbole.

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The premium flagship, which has grown to 5.18 meters – in the long version even 5.29 meters – succeeds in performing the external slimming trick with a few clever design tricks. The front, based on the model of the current A- and E-Class, is decidedly subtle, the entire line sporty and elegant, already reminiscent of that of the CLS. Inside, a less conspicuous layout has also been introduced, which dresses the Mercedes digital offensive much more simply than before. Among the victims: the air nozzles in jet design and the widescreen cockpit. The former are now shaped as subtle rectangles, while the latter has given way to an instrument cluster with optional 3D optics, supplemented by a central display in portrait format. The disadvantage: The previous information recording on one level is no longer important – but less important if the head-up display with augmented reality was ticked in the surcharge list: The display of the direction of travel information in the image provided by the front camera is then omitted in favor of a display in the actual reality of the windscreen, including adaptation to vehicle movement and speed. Strictly speaking, getting lost with it is only possible on purpose.

Ruhigeres Design im Cockpit, aber auch etwas überbordende Geschäftigkeit mit den vielen Anzeigen und Einstell-Optionen, mit denen der Fahrer konfrontiert wird.

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The last engine update was in the lifetime of the previous generation – the units offered at the market launch in December are therefore already known and tested: The S 350 d with 286 hp, S 400 d with 330 hp and S 500 with 436 are available PS – all equipped with 4WD, only the weaker diesel also with rear-wheel drive. The 9-speed automatic with its successful spread between comfort and sport mode also remained largely unchanged. New on board is an update of the all-wheel steering, with which the rear wheels now turn up to ten degrees. When parking, in narrow city centers and roundabouts, it’s not just a real eye-catcher: the mighty S-Class steers like a small car – it takes a little time to get used to. The new Ober-Benz has undoubtedly also made progress in terms of superior handling, driving comfort and noise insulation – but at this level they can only be measured subjectively.

Some of the top features will undoubtedly also be passed on to the lower levels of the Mercedes hierarchy in the future: For example, the digital headlights that can project warning notices onto the road, the front airbag for the rear seated passengers or the infotainment highlights that will one day be Series scope should enrich – until then, however, all these features have to be bought as expensive extras – despite the proud base price of 112,420 euros for the S 350 d, up to 141,690 euros for the S 500 4Matic in the long version. However, an option will only be available when the domestic legislator is also fit for it: from next year, fully autonomous driving up to 60 km / h will initially only be activated in Germany.

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