Mercury Retrograde September 2009 – Some Thoughts

Mercury Retrograde September 2009 – Some Thoughts

Mercury’s last “escape” was from September 6 to 29… Mercury being the Messenger God of communications and travel. Mercury turns retrograde (Rx or R) for about three weeks every four months.

Due to all the conflict and suffering that we have all witnessed globally, it seems that this particular retrograde has lasted all of this year in terms of the sheer amount of disharmony that abounds. But at the same time, a Mercury retrograde is a good time for internal or internal reflection, introspection, lucid dreaming, deep meditative thinking, your past and past events in life, taking time out of your daily mundane routine, get out of a hole, start over, or tune in your communications with loved ones, friends, and of course, the Divine along your spiritual path.

When a planet turns retrograde, the planet appears to move backwards (which is an optical illusion) in the zodiac as it decreases in longitude as seen from Earth. The conditions that the planet governs are altered and do not work as expected because the concentrated energy of the planet is forced inward; this creates tension and stress (especially, in relationships and daily interactions with others) along with other influences and factors to consider (and compare) during a Mercury retrograde, such as what sign it is cast in, your own astrological house, your birthday, planetary opposition, etc.

For example, the planet Mercury has celestial correspondences that have influences on Earth in the nature of business affairs (buying, selling, trading, and trading), travel, printing and publishing, letter writing, teaching and learning, and scientific pursuits.

The next Mercury retrograde is from December 26, 2009 to January 15, 2010. Take a close look at what is happening around you and within your environment during this time period. It’s always a great idea to keep a journal so you can reflect on significant events (good or bad, positive or negative) that have occurred in your life; this will help you prepare or be ready for change in the near future, allowing for a smoother transition during Mercury retrograde.

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