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Eine großzügig dimensionierte seitliche Schiebetür gibt den Blick frei auf den Wohnsalon im Urbanaut.

© Mini

By Markus Höscheler

Munich – At first glance, the Mini Vision Urbanaut study looks like a kind of mini Bulli, a kind of large-capacity limousine in small format. Hardly any overhangs, a rather gently sloping windshield, a horizontally straight roof line and a very steep rear end document van-like considerations for the 4.46 meter long vehicle.

Three leitmotifs – so-called mini moments – were decisive for the design of the interior: One was based on the motto “Chill”, a second on the motto “Wanderlust”, and a third on the motto “Vibes”. Incidentally, the subject of mobility can only be subordinated to “wanderlust”, regardless of whether it is autonomous or self-driven. The vision is suitable for both, because at the push of a button the pedals and steering wheel can be extended or automatically stowed away again.

Eine geöffnete Windschutzscheibe lässt laut Mini einen „Street Balcony“ entstehen, der die Kommunikation mit Passanten ermöglicht.

© Mini

If you want to use the Urbanaut in chill mode, you can design it as a relaxing retreat or as a place for concentrated work. And Vibe is ultimately about putting “time spent with other people in the foreground”, “in all of its facets”, as Mini Design Manager Oliver Heilmer explains.

Basically, the Urbanaut is designed as a four-seater electric car – but which in many respects allows maximum variability. The front window can be opened to create a “street balcony”, which in turn enables communication with passers-by. The dashboard lowers and allows the creation of a seating area (“daybed”). And in the rear area, a bench (“Cozy Corner”) invites you to linger. Basically, a very wide sliding door on the side makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Remarkable: There are no additional doors on the driver and passenger side – which would be a revolution in today’s passenger car world.

Bis zu vier Sitzplätze sind im Urbanaut vorgesehen.

© Mini

The Mini Moments described above can be activated with a so-called token – and the mini visionaries are already thinking ahead, for example of an individually adjustable and programmable My Mini Moment. This could be used to configure fragrances, ambient lighting, background music and much more.

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