Mobile Home Duct Cleaning

It is a common myth that people think they cannot clean their air ducts if they live in a mobile home. This is only half true. Most companies that offer air duct cleaning use what are called “negative air” machines. This is a piece of equipment that sucks up the debris while the conduit is shaken strongly. This type of equipment can be quite crude and is not recommended for mobile homes. If you want to clean your air ducts, you should use a “rotary brush vacuum” with a soft bristle brush. This type of equipment is primarily for residential ductwork and the latter is more popular for commercial applications. There are many soft, flexible ducts in mobile homes. A rotary brush vacuum with soft bristles is the only way to clean this type of duct.

Mobile home ducts are especially susceptible to dust and debris as they are located in the floor. Ducts are often not very well sealed and anything from pet dander to insects can easily build up in them. It is recommended that you have your ducts professionally cleaned approximately every one to three years.

The most critical part of the duct system to clean is the return side. This is where the really scary stuff accumulates. Mobile homes do not have a traditional return system. Normally, the compartment in which the oven is located and the oven itself is the return. With this in mind, it is important that your furnace be professionally cleaned and serviced every year.

Once the ducts have been cleaned by a professional, disinfection can be performed. Think of sanitizing like cleaning the kitchen table after you’ve eaten, once you remove the crumbs, then spray a cleaner to sanitize and not promote the growth of unwanted bacteria. The same goes for your ducts. An antimicrobial agent soaks up the duct and kills any fungus, mold, or bacteria that may have been growing. This part is vital for respiratory health. Most companies use a mild antimicrobial agent that will not get you out of your home.

It is important to think about what you are doing and what you are avoiding. Most people don’t think about the dangers hidden within their air ducts. It is out of place and out of mind. You will benefit greatly from cleaning the air ducts in your mobile home. A service that will pay for itself with healthy air to breathe.

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