Networks and Coaching

Networks and Coaching

It is commonplace to hire a coach for almost all aspects of our lives and development. Whether it be for physical training, professional development, business advancement, personal or spiritual growth. But, rarely do we consider entrusting someone specifically for networking and contacting to further our goals. There are a plethora of benefits and advantages to seeking help in the art of networking.

Listed below are some tips for finding and consulting with a competent adviser.

research required

Before you recruit a networking coach, do your homework. You may not find a professional who is tagged as a networking coach, but they may have compatible skills, abilities, and service offerings. Definitely look for someone who is well rounded and an expert in their field. Find a person active in groups/associations both online and offline. This person must be social, professional, ethical and accommodating. A great way to start is by reaching out to your current networks and asking for leads, referrals, or introductions. Be sure to include this criteria in your application.

patience is required

When actively seeking and obtaining information, it is important to be patient. You want to be able to use good judgment and discernment for many reasons. First of all, this is an investment in your networking mission and can involve a great deal of time, money, and resources. Also, the focus should be on establishing and building a quality and meaningful relationship. Last but not least, this effort produces long-term goals that are directly related to your future success.

Commitment Required

The journey really begins once you have found your ideal trainer. Use this as an opportunity to share your goals and plans for moving forward. Create a schedule for meetings, check-ins, accountability, and compare your progress. Actively and intentionally engage in being consistent and dedicated to the process.

Use these motivating and practical tips to hone your networking ambitions. Be strategic and aware of how you select your coach and build your plans for success.

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