Nintendo DS games: best games and options

Nintendo DS has become popular with children and young adults. Most of the games are designed for interactivity and simulation. There are also educational games and other simulations that are specifically designed with children and young adults in mind.

The latest DS games have interesting storylines, simulations, RPGs, and other fun aspects that are really cool. Although these games are designed for children, they are just as fun for young adults.

Many young adults who like dogs, however, do not want to have a dog, enjoy DS dog simulation games. There are games with riddles and other mysteries, which provide great graphics in an easy-to-use handheld device.

There is a connection between DS Games and the Wii, both made by Nintendo. In addition to this fact, Wii and DS owners can preview DS games using the Wii Nintendo Channel from the main menu. This channel will allow previews of new DS games, which have been developed and will soon hit stores.

Disney recently announced that it will launch a free community based on DGamer avatars, which will be integrated into the games they develop for the Nintendo DS. The DGamer has WIFI connectivity so that DS users can play games with other DS users. The goal of DGamer is to allow DS players to participate in a virtual world online.

DS Games themes and genres

The following DS games are highly rated on these game topics or genres based on consumer reviews:

  • Action – Hourglass The Legend of Zelda-Phantom
  • Role Play – Pokémon Diamond
  • Sports – Madden NFL 08
  • Racing / Driving – Mario Kart DS
  • Music – Guitar Hero
  • Strategy: advanced wars, days of ruin
  • Handle – NanoStray 2
  • Puzzle – Picross DS
  • Platforms – New Super Mario Brothers
  • Simulation – Nintendogs all versions
  • Educational: Professor Layton and the Curious Town
  • Board and Cards – Battles of Prince of Persia
  • Virtual – Animal Crossing-Wild World

The best Nintendo DS games overall

The best current Nintendo DS games, according to consumer opinions are:

  • New Super Mario Brothers
  • Mario Kart
  • Hourglass The Legend of Zelda-Phantom
  • Nintendogs – various versions

Buy a DS game

Once you’ve decided which DS game to buy, check the following:

  • Reviews: Compare consumer reviews of games.
  • Rankings – Check the game rankings by completing a Google Nintendo DS game search
  • Number of Players – See how many players the game allows at once, some allow up to two players at the same time
  • Compare prices: not all retailers are the same; there may be a difference of $ 30 or more for the same game
  • WIFI: it is the right game for WIFI connectivity
  • DS Gamer: Look for games that have this feature for fun in the virtual world

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