No free cell phone number search yet

Web-based questions and answers often show honest questions asked by those wondering if there are free cell phone number searches, followed by answers that are generally wrong. It seems that many well-meaning people honestly believe that online phone books will show the name and address of a cell phone number. What should be obvious is that there is no mobile phone directory, and never has.

Yes, there has been some media attention lately on a directory compiled by an online research company. But what attracted little attention throughout this report was the fact that this alleged directory had very little accurate information. The reason for this should be obvious: unlike landline information compilations, there is no starting point for cell phone number information. This leaves only the tedious task of gathering information from credit headers, old public records, and various loan applications. To think that such a directory would contain a lot of value, or that any information that was once accurate could be trusted to remain that way without any verification is absolutely absurd.

Only the non-existent database would allow some websites to deliver on the promises they make. Popular (and dishonest) claims include promises of “unlimited number searches” with a low-priced membership, or “instant results” that will be returned when the customer pays a fee and enters the cell phone number to be searched on the site. Web. Obviously, without a database of all or most cell phone numbers in the country, such promises are obvious lies. So can you get the information from the cell phone owner? Yes. But not for free.

There are legitimate sites that “break” cell phone numbers (provide the correct name and address). But they don’t sell memberships or make outrageous claims about magic directories. They are researchers who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of jump tracking and specialize in investigating phone numbers. How they get this information without a database or directory is not important. The important thing is that they provide accurate information. The prices these companies charge vary wildly, from about $ 50 per mobile phone number to more than $ 100.

The oldest and even less expensive cell phone number lookup site is This company guarantees the accuracy of your information and offers standard cell phone number lookup investigations for just $ 45. Unsurprisingly, the majority of their business is women who suspect their men are cheating on them. They usually want to identify suspicious phone numbers found on bar napkins or on the man’s cell phone. Additionally, moneylenders, repo agents, bounty hunters, and law enforcement agencies are looking for their typical prey.

With the simplest warranty and privacy policy in the industry, and a reputation too valuable to risk with incorrect information, remains the best option for anyone needing a landline or cell phone number lookup. [].

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