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Innsbruck – only silence, no drinks, no music. This is how tomorrow’s “Open Club Day”, which the Innsbruck Club Commission has called, will run. In the run-up to the action, the Innsbruck Night Culture advocacy group turned to the public on Wednesday to talk about specific demands on politicians.

The Club Commission approached the city of Innsbruck in October 2020 with a claim. In addition to the state funds, direct aid was required for the remaining monthly costs of the restaurants with an amount of 600,000 euros. In view of the new situation, the sum must even be rolled over again, specifies Club Commission chairman Frederik Lordick (badger construction), but not much should change in the sum. For the aid, one would like a cooperation between the city, the country and the WKO, said Lordick. And further: “It is not about opening as quickly as possible.” The clubs are aware of their responsibility. In addition, the Commission is once again calling for nightspots to be recognized as cultural venues.

The interest representation counts 29 facilities in Innsbruck (a total of approx. 700 workplaces) in which regular, curated music programs are offered – 13 of them clubs. 5 had already reported to the commission that they could no longer unlock, it said on Wednesday. An EU-wide study presented by Lordick also gives cause for concern for the other operators: Only 27 percent of those surveyed want to go to concerts and clubs again in the first few weeks after a restart. So the prospects for the upcoming workload are not good. (colorful)

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