I hesitated before entering into relationships: interview about herpes, genital herpes

Sexually transmitted diseases can, in a very short time, emotionally devastate a person. Psychologists believe that herpes is not as scary as society has made it over the years. Given the right medication, pain can be greatly reduced during an outbreak. Also, in due course, the body develops an immunity against the herpes simplex virus. […]

The Howey test (aka why private money investing involves the SEC)

Have you ever heard of the ‘Howey’ test? If you want to raise money from private investors to finance real estate investments, you need to know what the Howey test is and what it means to you. J. Howey was a Florida businessman who sold real estate contracts to finance the development of his own […]

Video game demographics

Video game demographics involve studying the video game habits of people of different ages. It requires a variety of primary and secondary research techniques, such as telephone and personal interviews, market research analysis, trade journals, and company literature. The demographics of video game players and related studies reveal that video games are primarily an adult-oriented […]

An Introduction To Science Online – Learning

An Introduction To Science Online Science online has been designed for adults who are approaching retirement or those who have retired from science and research careers. With an extensive database and a unique interactive design that facilitate lifelong learning and a wide assortment of science-related disciplines, the award winning Science Online gives a clear overview […]