Manchester Terriers – Not a Little Doberman!

Manchester Terriers were bred to hunt rats in Manchester, England (of course!). They have a very typical terrier personality; Alert, intelligent, lively, active and loyal. These traits help make them a great companion dog. They enjoy being with their people and participating in group activities. They like to learn things and are fairly easily trained, […]

4 options for making investment real estate purchases

When someone decides, is ready and prepared to invest in real estate, for investment purposes, you need to do your homework and know / understand your options, in terms of investing in this type of property. While investing in real estate is often an excellent investment, this is only the case, when the property is […]

What does the Javascriptvoid 0 error mean?

While browsing the Internet, sometimes you are surprised with an error that appears on the screen that says: Javasciptvoid 0 or something similar. And because there are thousands of malicious viruses proliferating on the World Wide Web, some people are concerned when they see these types of error messages. But what exactly does this html […]

Big companies don’t help Ghana’s grassroots engineering companies

Suame magazine in Kumasi is Ghana’s largest informal industrial zone and its main vehicle repair center. It is home to thousands of small engineering shops that offer a wide range of basic repair and manufacturing facilities. Since the opening of the Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) in 1980, many efforts have been made to forge […]

8 strategies for reacting to rejection in freelance content writing

For countless freelance article writers, rejection of a well-researched and written article is difficult to accept, especially for those who are new to the profession. Your reaction has big implications for your dream of becoming an established writer or writing for a living. The following are the best options available to you: 1. Don’t quit […]

Lose a significant amount of weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas

If you are eager to eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is a diet that could be the solution to your problems. Eating on Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a nightmare for a dieter. Constant temptation, tradition and excitement, all wrapped in a nice bow, eh? What can you do? Should you ruin your vacation […]