Smooth gliding with Citroën: C3 and C5 Aircross | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid, erster Elektrifizierter der Marke, und C3, fesch & frisch überarbeitet. © Werk By Beatrix Keckeis-Hiller Hochstraß – Later than planned, due to the coronavirus lockdown, but not anyway, but even more, Citroën is launching two new model developments: the revised C3, the brand’s top seller, and the C5 Aircross, which is

Road trip along ‘the most beautiful highway in the world’ in Iceland

A social distancing-proof alternative to the traditional winter holiday: Route 1, the ring road around Iceland. Heaven for those who love empty, endless icy landscapes. Forget Route 66. Go for Route 1, known in Iceland as ‘The One’ and also called the most beautiful ‘highway’ in the world. The ring road meanders 1,332 kilometers around

Hyundai’s i20 N small car for the racetrack | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Der i20 N kommt im Frühjahr 2021 auf den Markt, der Basis-i20 befindet sich schon im Handel. © Hyundai Vienna – Even for the otherwise well-timed Koreans, the appointment calendar is currently not much more than a mere recommendation, especially because of the corona pandemic and its consequences. In mid-September, for example, Hyundai wanted to

The new VW Caddy: More comfortable and flexible than ever before | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Ende November will Volkswagen in Österreich die neue Caddy-Generation erstmals ausliefern. © Volkswagen By Markus Höscheler Munich, Innsbruck – Lately a lot has happened with city delivery vans and MPVs – but preferably with the competition. Volkswagen, on the other hand, relied on the talent and reputation of the Caddy, which has been on the