The DS3 Crossback: cloud nine in a compact format | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

A DS is not only something special because of its exclusivity. The PSA brand sees itself as the avant-garde of the originally purely French group and as an homage to the visionary Citroën DS. After the successful start of the DS7 SUV, the DS3 Crossback now drove up to the premium small car class.

Toyota Hilux: Targeting the top dog | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Modernisiert und zusätzlich mit 204 PS dieselmotorisiert: Toyota Hilux. Trotz höherem Lifestyle-Appeal ist er ein echter Pick-up geblieben. © Hersteller By Beatrix Keckeis-Hiller Munich – “He’s not a ballerina,” states Federico Paravicini, responsible for product communication at Toyota Motor Europe, in view of the Hilux. That shouldn’t be Toyota’s pick-up icon in the mid-size class

Mercedes S-Class: Flagship as a class fighter | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Die S-Klasse trägt die neueste Interpretation des aktuellen Marken-Gesichts und macht sich für mindestens 5,18 Meter Gardemaß auffallend schlank. © Hersteller From Stefan Pabeschitz Stuttgart – As if Mercedes had stuck to the literary quote: “If everything is to stay the way it is, everything has to change.” So the previous S-Class was no longer

Audi Quattro: Stick to the floor thanks to technology | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Ein Fest für die Sinne: Audi mit Quattro-Technologie. © AUDI AG By Markus Höscheler Ingolstadt, Innsbruck – With so much traction, Audi could understandably easily take off: The four-ring brand has been promoting its Quattro all-wheel drive in various series vehicles for four decades with overwhelming success – almost eleven million cars have been equipped

The Eclipse Cross Plug-in | will start in early 2021 Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Ab Frühjahr 2021 im Handel: der überarbeitete Eclipse Cross von Mitsubishi. © Mitsubishi Vienna – The design language alone makes the Eclips Cross one of the progressives among the Mitsubishi models currently on offer. It looks much more modern than the larger Outlander and the slightly smaller, technically quite old, but still popular ASX. Nevertheless,

Peugeot 508 SW: Relaxed through the best locations | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Vorne und hinten schön anzusehen ist er, der Peugeot 508 SW, eingebettet in die Weinreben des burgenländischen Seewinkels. © Zoller From Gregor Zoller Halbturn – Right now, when autumn is slowly giving way to winter, we summer people longingly leaf through the digital photo albums on our smartphones. The thought goes back to the beautiful

Trafic Combi: Renault modifies people carriers | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Ab Frühjahr 2021 ist der modifizierte Trafic Combi/SpaceClass im Handel. © Renault Vienna – The revised Trafic Combi and SpaceClass are distinguished by a number of innovations when they go on sale in the coming spring. Renault points out, among other things, the changed front section, which is reflected above all in the more sloping

Fiat Cinquecento: Electrifying Turin Trio | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Die neue Cinquecento-Generation wird als Hatchback, Cabrio und als 3+1-Variante mit einer zusätzlichen, hinten angeschlagenen Fondtür angeboten. Die Preisliste eröffnet mit 24.990 Euro. © Fiat Turin – what would Sergio Marchionne say? The manager, who died in 2018 and who helped Fiat to new heights financially, made no secret of what he thought of an