The cost of the crisis for Wallonia would be 2.1 billion euros in 202

In June, the cost was estimated at 1.8 billion for the year 2020, the first year of the coronavirus crisis. Last year, Wallonia recorded a loss of 583 million euros in revenue and spent 1.553 billion euros to fight the coronavirus crisis and its consequences. “90% of this spending has been attributed to health and […]

The anti-coup tattoos of the Burmese demonstrators: resistance in the skin

Art is displayed everywhere through the demonstrations against the military coup in Myanmar. Artists shape the visual expression of the protests with illustrations of the deceased protesters, murals, roadside artwork or satirical protest placards that mock General Min Aung Hlaing, head of the coup . But as CNN reports, perhaps the most permanent mark of […]

Beyoncé, Hugh Jackman … support is growing for Meghan and Harry, an “incredible example”

They don’t just have detractors, far from it. By going into the field of mental health and racism, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have won the sympathy of part of public opinion, but also that of celebrities from all walks of life. If the former colleagues of the actress of Suits have already stepped up […]

Le Pain Quotidien is temporarily closing 13 points of sale: “The aid only corresponds to 1.5% of our fixed costs”

In a few days, it will be a year since the Horeca had to close its doors for the first time. And we will have to wait until May 1, minimum, to be able to reopen. A disaster for many independents, but also for larger chains. This is the case with Le Pain Quotidien bakeries […]

Chinese President calls on military to be combat-ready

The entire armed forces must “always be ready to respond to all kinds of complex and difficult situations,” Xi said at a meeting Tuesday with the military delegation to the National People’s Congress (NPC), the session. annual parliament of China. The development of the army should focus on “combat readiness,” Xi said, according to the […]

Vincent Bueno with “Amen”: This is what Austria’s contribution to the Song Contest sounds like Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Mit der Ballade „Amen“ will es Vincent Bueno ins ESC-Finale schaffen. © ORF Vienna – Austria conjures up divine support at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The song, with which Vincent Bueno competes in the 65th edition of the song dispute – it is to take place in Rotterdam at the end of May […]

Burma: raid by security forces against striking railway workers, new violence

Several hundred police and soldiers are deployed around the compound where railway personnel reside at Ma Hlwa Gone Station, in the east of the economic capital. “They are blocking the doors (of the apartments) and destroying them to enter,” a family member of a railway worker told AFP, on condition of anonymity for fear of […]

Putting a price on CO2: the idea is in the air

The debate on carbon pricing continues. At European level, the issue of a border mechanism is progressing. The European Parliament supports, the Commission is preparing a proposal. In Belgium, we are tearing ourselves apart over a national tax instrument. Lhe idea is gaining ground: among the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the principle of […]