Patio Umbrella Benefits

Patio Umbrella Benefits

Good weather is just around the corner. Your favorite lounging spot in your backyard is waiting to be used. Protection from the sun’s rays is important to keep you and your friends and family healthy by providing shade for those hot summer days with a patio umbrella. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays can help prevent skin cancer and sunburn caused by excessive sun exposure. Some sun exposure is healthy, however, too much exposure can lead to age spots and premature wrinkles. Knowledge of these health risks is important for everyone. The warm months of the year are usually everyone’s favorite time! Hanging out with family and friends by the pool, feeling melt in your mouth ribs that smell so good you can almost taste them is a time everyone enjoys. Everyone enjoys those good times, but everyone also remembers that scorching hot day when they wanted to just lie on the sun lounger and kick back and relax from reality under an umbrella, but the annoying sun kept moving just below the edge to flicker directly on your eyes. .

Fortunately there are umbrellas that offer a tilt mechanism (manual or mechanical) that allows the user to customize the exact angle that the umbrella tilts to provide more shade without having to get up from their comfortable chair to move the umbrella only to have to get up 10 minutes later to reposition because the sun keeps moving. When looking to purchase the best shade unit for your needs, there are certain things to research and review before making your investment. Most everyone is going to be asking primarily what color and what type of fabric I am looking for that has a great guarantee and will last me season after season. The truth is, with patio umbrellas you get what you pay for. Less expensive umbrellas will not last as long as more expensive patio umbrellas due to the type of material used for construction. Outdoor and garden umbrellas are available from $80 to $2,500. The difference is the quality of the frame, the quality of the fabric, and the general type of mechanism used for the umbrella. Patio umbrellas that do not have a crank or tilt, use a pulley lift system or are manually raised, which is a bit more difficult to raise than standard crank umbrellas, but will last longer because there is less to go wrong with the mechanisms used by the umbrella to go up and down.

Manual or pulley lifting systems are simple and are sure to last. Manual push up umbrellas They are used by placing one hand on the main pole lower than the center and using the other hand to apply upward pressure, moving the center of the umbrella up and causing the fabric to expand up and out. After lifting the umbrella by hand past the pin hole, stop and place the metal pin through the hole to prevent the center of the umbrella and the fabric from falling back to its original closed position. The patio umbrella pin can be made from different metals including stainless steel to prevent rust. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and durable, made for year-round outdoor use.

Another type of operating system is the “manual tilt” mechanism that has been used since the parasol was invented. The “manual tilt” mechanism to tilt your umbrella can be integrated into umbrellas that use manual or push up systems. Manual tilt umbrellas can be operated by pressing the single button at the pivot point towards the top of the umbrella frame. After pressing the tilt button, manually tilt the umbrella to the desired angle. Manual tilt outdoor umbrellas generally have up to three different locking positions depending on the brand of umbrella. Manual tilt umbrellas are simple in design and work smoothly. Patio umbrellas that offer a built-in crank to raise and lower the umbrella are an excellent choice for users looking for a quick and convenient way to operate their umbrella without the hassle of manually raising or tilting the umbrella. Crank operating systems for patio umbrellas work with an operating system concealed within the main frame structure.

Crank-operated patio umbrellas work by turning one hand clockwise to raise the umbrella and counterclockwise to slowly lower the unit. This method is excellent for seniors who do not have the ability to manually push the umbrella. The crank uses a mechanical advantage that makes it simple and almost effortless to operate your unit. Each umbrella that is powered by the crank operating system can be integrated with a manual tilt, neck tilt or auto tilt mechanism as well. The neck tilt umbrella mechanism works similarly to the auto tilt operating system. Tilt neck umbrellas use the standard handle to raise and lower the umbrella, the special feature of the neck tilt mechanism is just above the handle on the crank housing there is a collar or ring that tilts the umbrella to the desired angle by turning it in clockwise rotate. This type of tilt mechanism has infinite tilt angles that the manual tilt mechanism cannot compete with.

Reliable and durable, Swing Neck Umbrellas are designed for long-term use and offer the user a high-quality mechanism that is sure to satisfy. An auto tilt patio umbrella is an umbrella that goes up and down with the help of a crank exactly the same as collar tilt; however, with the auto-tilt umbrella mechanism, to tilt the umbrella, the user would begin by turning the hand on the watch. wise rotation to raise the umbrella. Once the umbrella is fully open and extended, the user would continue to turn the crank to “automatically” tilt the umbrella. This mechanism is reliable and used with high quality patio umbrellas and has proven to be one of the best. When choosing an umbrella that’s right for you with the help and insight of an umbrella buying guide, it’s important to choose the right size and style for your patio needs. There are many factors that need attention when choosing the perfect summer umbrella.

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