Persian cats

Having a Persian cat is really wonderful. This beauty is something of a cross between a small dog and a domestic cat. They definitely have a personality of their own. I know this because I am the owner of 6 Persians. They are the sweetest animals our God has created and I love mine very much. 3 of the 6 Persians I have are from Rescues.

Let me tell you my story about Madison. I saw her photo on a Persian cat adoption website and fell in love. I have always wanted a white Persian, but they are very difficult to find and very expensive. I went ahead and filled out the online application and within a week I was invited to Wisconsin to visit and see this beauty and decide whether or not I would be a potential new owner. I remember my first thought was how thin and scared she looked. When I opened his cage, he ran under a locker that was along the wall of the room. After a few minutes I could see her look at me.

And I fell in love with this baby. He knew he had to get this girl to a safe home with food and love. Due to the stress she had already lost a substantial amount of hair and when I finally convinced her to allow me to lift her, I could feel the vertebrae in her back. And there were some major knots on his shoulder and along his side that needed to be taken care of. Yes, with God’s help, I could make her healthy again!

That was 3 months ago and Madison is like another cat. He has gained more than 2 pounds. and his fur is getting really beautiful. This girl has quite the personality and definitely keeps the other male cats in the house in line even though she is the smallest.

How does a Persian end up in shelters and on the street? Well, those are the best heartthrob friends. In my opinion, they are very cute little kittens that grow into very high maintenance cats that need almost daily brushing of their fur to maintain their fur. They overwhelm the unsuspecting new owner and end up in shelters, shaved and without loving homes.

They are usually one-person cats, but in the right environment, with the right people, they can cope well with a family that is willing to take on the extra maintenance that owning a Persian entails.

I think it is very important for anyone considering a long haired kitten to think hard about being able to keep this baby for the next fifteen to 18 years. Thanks for reading my article and I hope to see you on my website.

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