Personal assistants, not just for celebrities

I have received many inquiries about personal assistant services. Many of the consultations were people who needed help but did not feel worthy of a personal assistant.

Let me first begin by ending the false perception that one must be a celebrity or a very wealthy person to have a personal assistant; This is not the case. Busy individuals, students, families; Older people and small businesses use PA services more and more every day.

The life of the average person is filled with priorities of work, family life, groups, memberships or organizations not to mention personal life. Having a personal assistant is not just a luxury, it is a necessity for many people in today’s society.

Who can benefit from a PA?

Busy individuals, college students, families, seniors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses can all benefit from the services of a personal assistant. Having a personal assistant can be efficient and stress free. There is a great benefit for companies when hiring personal assistant services, since they save on health, employment and payroll expenses.

What can a PA do for me?

However, a personal assistant can provide many different services; many PAs will tailor their services to meet the needs of the individual. Here is a general list of services that a personal assistant can provide:

Administrative services
o Make travel reservations
o Monitor and respond to emails
o Answer and return phone calls
o Plan and coordinate meetings
o Open, check and order mail
o Assistance for paying bills
o Generate reports and presentations
o Conduct research
o Create file systems
o Create and update databases

Messaging and errand services
o Grocery shopping
o Pharmacy careers
o Pick-up and delivery packages
o Dry cleaning service for pick up and drop off
o Gift delivery
o Bank runs

Organize home and office

Home care services
o Cleaning of houses and offices
o Manage home improvements

Event planning assistance
o Locate and visit places
o Coordinate Catering, Music, Photographer, etc.
o Request invitations and manage RSVP
o Shopping assistance
o Provide assistance for the day of the event

Can I pay a PA?

Personal assistants are not as expensive as people think. Many PAs provide services from $ 10.00 to $ 40.00 per hour, depending on the service. A good personal assistant will provide a consultation to analyze your needs and inform you of the number of hours required to fulfill your request. Many people use personal assistants for a few hours a month to help them with their personal and business needs.

What to look for in a good public address system?

A personal assistant will have all the characteristics listed below:

A PA directly ensuring that day-to-day runs smoothly. This can involve things like scheduling, organizing meetings, making travel plans, coordinating events, and managing the phone and email.

Person to turn to
A PA has to be able to handle many responsibilities. She must be very organized and able to deal with a hectic day.

Optimistic energy
A personal assistant works constantly and often does not have the opportunity to rest. People are looking for assistants who not only have the required skills, but can also keep up with the demands of a fast-paced environment and work long hours.

Advanced computer skills
PA must have excellent computer skills organizing Excel spreadsheets, writing invoices, and maintaining customer contacts. Personal assistants also have a lot of emails and online investigations as part of their duties, so they will need to be able to communicate and solve problems online efficiently.

Trust and commitment
PAs handle confidential and personal information, so people need assistants they can trust and who are willing to put in the time and effort.

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